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Qutb Shahi tombs back to days of yore

Wednesday, 2018, April 18
Aga Khan Trust for Culture has been carrying out conservation and restoration works at the heritage park.

Hyderabad: The Aga Khan Trust for Culture in collaboration with the State government and Tata Trust has completed conservation works on 25 monuments and landscape restoration over a 20 acres zone at Qutb Shahi Heritage Park.

The restoration initiative had master-craftsmen clocking 1,50,000 man-days of work to restore structural stability and grandeur of the monuments, a press release from Aga Khan Trust said.

Emergency structural repairs and conservation of 25 major monuments standing within the south-western corner of the 106 acre Qutb Shahi Heritage Park have now been completed along with that of mausoleums of Sultan Quli Qutb Shah, Subhaan Quli Qutb Shah, Jamshed Quli Qutb Shah, Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah, Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah and Kulsum Begum. The works on hamam, three baoli’s, several smaller mausoleum and grave mosques, the Idgah and grave platforms too have been completed.

The craftsmen were involved in structural repairs, stitching of cracks, restoring missing stone elements and removing inappropriate modern materials such as 20th century concrete. The workers have also restored authentic lime mortar as used by the 16th century builders.

To prevent water seepage into the foundations, the massive platforms have been laid with granite blocks. Each structure, grand and tiny, has received the same attention by conservators and craftsmen.

Significantly, archaeological excavations have revealed the extent of enclosed gardens and the 16th century landscapes have been restored, further enhancing the historic character. The Aga Khan Trust officials said that grading of earth has also revealed buried elements, restored water drainage patterns resulting in the collection of 3 million litres of water in two baolis each monsoon.

Conservation and landscape works have been peer reviewed by international experts and were preceded by exhaustive documentation, condition assessment, 3D laser scanning and archival research. The Aga Khan Trust said that the conservation works of all 80 monuments standing within the 106 acre Qutb Shahi Heritage Park are expected to be completed under the partnership project by 2023.

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