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Birthday of Prince Aly Salomone Khan

Wednesday, 2018, June 13
Prince Aly Salomone Khan

Prince Aly Khan was born in Turin (Torino) Italy on June 13, 1911. His mother was Cleope Teresa "Ginetta" Magliano.

In 1939, Prince Aly Aga Khan joined the French Foreign Legion and served with its cavalry division in Egypt and the Middle East. In 1940, he joined the Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry, becoming a lieutenant colonel in 1944. That same year, he participated in the Allied landing in the south of France with the United States Seventh Army, serving as a liaison officer with the rank of captain; for this, he was made an officer in the Legion of Honor in 1950.

Prince Aly Khan often visited Ismaili Jamats in many parts of the world and conducted religious and marriage ceremonies on behalf of the Holy Imam

He also was awarded the Croix de Guerre and the United States Bronze Star Medal.[3]
Prince Aly Khan was installed as the 1st Colonel of the Regiment of the newly raised 4 Cavalry Regiment (1 November 1956), Pakistani Army in a military ceremony during 1957 and he retained this honor until his death.
In November, 1957, Aly Khan met President Iskander Mirza of Pakistan and was offered a post as the country's Ambassador to the United Nations. The formal announcement of the appointment was made on February 6, 1958."[4]

As a member of the United Nations Political and Security Committee representing Pakistan, Aly Khan's brief U.N. posting was viewed with surprise by many observers, some of whom considered him "the Asian-African answer to Irene Dunne". An American movie star not known for her political skills, Dunne had recently been designated a member of the United States delegation at General Assembly, largely in recognition of her Republican fundraising efforts.

He was elected a vice president of the United Nations General Assembly on 17 September 1958 and also served as chairman of the U.N.'s Peace Observation Committee.

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