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Our 45th Holy Imam Hazrat Mowlana Imam Khalilullah Ali II

Mowlana Khalilullah Ali II was born in Kerman in Iran in 1153 A.H. At the age of two, he went with his father Imam Abul Hassanali to reside in 'Mahellat'. In 1157 A.H. his uncle Hazrat Pir Mirza Muhammad Baqir - our 43rd Holy Pir - had a daughter named Pir Bibi Sarkar Mata Salamat. She became later our 44th Holy Pir and the mother of our 46th Holy Imam Aga Hassanali Shah. Imam Khalilullah ascended to the Masnad of Imamat in 1194 A.H. and reigned until 1233 A.H. It is reported that our Holy Imam and many other Murids achieved shahadat when Ismailis were attacked in Yezd by a mob of vicious assassins who were associated with Mullah Hussein Yezdi.

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