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Jiv tun shun aaviyo sansaar maa - Translation

Jiv tun sun aavio sansaar maan,
*ollkhiaaa nahire muraar 1

O soul! Why did you come into this world having not recognized Lord Vishnu.

Nainne nihaalliaa nahi siri hari,
bhulaa bandore gemaar 2

Having not beheld God with your eyes, you are lost, o foolish slave.

Partak betthaa ne ollkhiaa nahi,
pargatt Naklanki avtaar 3

You have not recognized the one who is manifest and seated (on the throne), the evident the Pure and Perfect Manifestation (of God).

Jaaher sentardipe har-ji avtareaa,
aakhar das-more avtaar 4

In the physical form God has manifested in Iran, he is the final tenth manifestation (of God)

Jaaher jampudip maanhe aaviaa,
Nar Nur Shaah Ali aap 5

In the manifest form he has arrived in the Subcontinent, He is indeed God the Master the Manifestation of the Light Himself.

Sol kalaa dise sobhti,
nur tajalaa re aap 6

He appears with sixteen-fold power and splendor, He is indeed the epiphany of the Light.

Gur Nar jaaher behu mileaa,
Niranjan Ali-re aap 7

I have met both the Guide and the Master in a manifest manner, He is indeed the Formless and Indescribable.

Aal imaam Gur-ne srevie,
haajar jomaano re saas 8

Serve the Guide who is the progeny of the Imams, the appointee of the present Imam.

Jikar fikar tame maang-jo,
haal gat maan gujaaar 9

Ask for remembrance and contemplation and be regular in Jamat Khana attendance.

Khari dasond tame aal-jo,
didho kol-re sambhaar 10

Submit the proper tithe, and remember the promise given (in the womb)

Maataa girbhe tun re aavio,
seviaa seviaa re das maas 11

You arrived after being confined in your mother’s womb. You worshiped continuously for 10 months.

Kol daine baaher nisareo,
hun tun karvaa laageo baahaar 12

After giving the promise you came out of the womb. You have gotten yourself into the me and you attitude outside.

Dhan sanpat maayaa bahu sanchari,
jutthaa jag dhandhaanaa re kaaj 13

You engrossed yourself in seeking illusory worldly wealth and assets, acquiring them through false and unlawful activities.

Kuttum parivaar mali sarve ponkhiaa,
dhan joban re masti maanhe 14

You gave up everything (worthwhile) through your worldly and family relationships. You squandered your youth and wealth in frivolous play.

Chaare khaanne jiv tun aavio,
paameo mankhaa deh avtaar 15

O soul you came through the four evolutionary forms and have attained the form of a human being.

Jikar fikar tame jaag jo,
lo Shaah no darbaar 16

Be awake to remembrance and contemplation, then you will be in the Imam’s Holy Presence.

Aal imaam Sat Gur boleaa,
aakhar velaa ni re vaat 17

The progeny of the Imam, the True Guide has spoken, about matters of the final period.

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