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Speech at the Prince Aly Khan Boys' Academy 1970-02-08

Sunday, 1970, February 8
Ismaili Mirror
Hazar Imam with Begum Salimah
H.H. The Aga Khan IV

"I have been most impressed during this short visit, not only with the excellent maintenance of the buildings, but even more so with the appearance of all the children and with the intelligent care and guidance they are receiving. Bravo to All." In the afternoon, His Royal Highness accompanied by Princess Salimah drove to the Prince Aly Khan Boys' Academy at Malir to perform the opening ceremony of the Academy established by the Ismailia Youth Services in memory of Hazar Imam's illustrious father the late Prince Aly S. Khan.

Replying to the Welcome Address, His Royal Highness said that this visit was a moment of fulfilment for him as four years ago when this project was mooted to him, he had grave doubts about materialising such a gigantic project. But with great efforts and dedicated devotion, the members of the Youth Services have successfully dealt with the obstacles and the Prince Aly Boys'Academy is now an established institution.

His Royal Highness further said, "I commend the spirit of service and devotion of these young people to my followers in all other countries in Asia, East Africa and Middle East." His Highness stressed the need for more such institutions to meet with the educational and social facilities of the continuously growing population in Pakistan, and said, "These young people are the future and it is our task to see that the foundation of their lives are well laid on a firm basis, which will assure them economic independence and social enrichment."

Earlier, the President of the Ismailia Youth Services Mr. Rafiq Gulamhusain described the difficulties in the way of establishment and how the Ismailia Youth Services overcame the same. Amidst thunderous cheers from a gathering of nearly ten thousand, His Royal Highness declared the Prince Aly Boys' Academy open.

SOURCE: Ismaili Mirror.

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