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Hathi hathi parbhat tolande

Pir Shams
bhg5-053 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay, Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934

Eji Hathi hathi parabat tolande
samadhr ghott bhare,
ese jodhe matti rale bande,
tu kiyun girabh kare ...
har bhaj gaafal bande chaalannaa hi sonsaar
har bhaj lobhi bande chaalannaa hi sannsaar
har bhaj lobhi 1

Eji Aaj hoti kal na hove bande,
kaal hoti aaj-j ho
aankh firaakann na mile bande,
mume rahiyo re giraah - har bhaj 2

Eji Jin sang has has bolanne
ek ghaddi na rahiyo;
khaandh utthaa kar gaaddde bande,
ulatt paalatt bhayo - har bhaj 3

Eji Man maanedhaa Taaraa raanni penate,
gale nauv krodddhaa haar;
kaasi nagri chovatte raajaa
Harischandhre vechi naar- har bhaj 4

Eji Gur ginaan boliyaa daataa Pir Shams
aa Shaah jumlo langaai-e tun paar;
dasond diyo more momano,
to utaro pahele paar- har bhaj 5

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Translation & Transcription

Hathee Hathee Parabat Tola(n)de Ba(n)de - Translation A

Hathi hathi parbhat tolande


ejee hathee hathee parabat tolande ba(n)de, samuddhr ghu(n)tt bhare
ese jodhe maattee rale ba(n)de, tu kyu girabh kare
har bhaj gaafal ba(n)de chaalannaa hee sa(n)saar
har bhaj lobhee ba(n)de chaalannaa hee san(n)saar............1

O momins: With the use of hands only, the ones who could weigh
huge mountains, and could fill the entire oceans in the fold of their palms;
such intrepid warriors have gone to dust. Then why do you entertain pride and vanity?

Hathee Hathee Parabat Tola(n)de Ba(n)de - Translation B

Hathi hathi parbhat tolande

Pir Shams

With sheer hands who could rend asunder the mountains

and could drink in one sip the waters of the sea? Such intrepid warriors have gone to dust.

What dost thou entertain pride for?

Refrain: O negligent slave (of God)! Adore God,

For thou shalt have to quit this transient world. ...1

That which is to take place today shall not be delayed

unto tomorrow but tomorrows shall happen today.

A time as short as a twinkle shall not be given as grace to thee; even a morcel shall remain in the mouth unchewed. ...2

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