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Speech by Hazar Imam at the Institutional Dinner in Singapore 2012-04-02

Monday, 2012, April 2
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Mawlana Hazar Imam addresses the leaders of the Far East Jamat at the Institutional Dinner in Singapore  2012-04-02

Singapore April 2 2012

President Bana, Leaders of the Jamat
I would like first of all to express My very warm gratitude for this wonderful visit to the Far East.

Recent times have been difficult in the Muslim world. They have been difficult in Africa, they have been difficult for some of our Jamats. And in looking at this background, I ask myself where do we find partners? Partners to work with us, partners where we can share thinking, partners where we will find human resources who will work with us.

And I thought that you will be pleased to know that I have selected Singapore as one of our partners in looking at development opportunities in the future, not only in the Far East, but globally. And in doing that I wanted to comment, first of all, on My gratitude to the government of Singapore for the generosity, the courtesy with which it has received Me on this visit to Singapore.

What do we share with Singapore? First of all I think we share a very strong commitment to human knowledge, to the notion of competence, to the notion of quality, to the notion of developing human society around value systems which are strong.

Secondly, we share the notion of a pluralist society where peoples of different backgrounds come together to work towards a common goal. So we have many aspects of our principles in development which we share with Singapore.

And I am happy to tell you that it is My intention to develop a permanent base here in Singapore. And that is also the reflection of the success of the Jamat. Your standing, your leadership, your credibility, the relations that you have built. This is what makes these constructs a reality for Me to work with.

So I wanted to congratulate the Jamati leaders who are here this evening, past leaders, present leaders for the remarkable achievements that you have made.

But I will leave you with a sense of great happiness, gratitude, confidence and respect for the work that you are doing.
It has been a wonderful visit and, Inshallah, I will be back soon.

Thank you. Goodnight

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