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Unch thi aayo bande nich kiyun dhiyaave

Pir Shams
bhg5-039 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay, Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934

Eji Unch thi aayo bande nich kiyun dhiaave,
chaar din rahennaa bande jutth kiyun kamaave;
isare june bande kiaa fal paave ... ...
bharame mat bhulo bhaai nami chaalo marannaa,
safaaet rasulki safaaet paekambar ki,
jutth sun ddarannaa bhaai jutth sun ddarannaa;
bharame mat bhulore, bhaai nami chaalo marannaa 1

Eji Naago tun aayo bande ddhakiyo tun lodde,
halatra kamaave so palatra kiyun khove;
paap kari sat dharam kun chhore - bharame 2

Eji Din chhori je koi daave paddiyaa,
raahaa chukaa paapi saathe sun khaddiyaa;
aap muraadaa jiv dojake paddiyaa - bharame 3

Eji Hi panth puro shuro koik dhiaave,
Nabi Mahamad jove kahaave;
saacho ilam Pir Shams bhannaave - bharame 4

Audio for Unch thi aayo bande nich kiyun dhiyaave

Translation & Transcription

U(n)ch Thee Aayo Bande - Translation A

Unch thi aayo bande nich kiyun dhiyaave

Pir Shams
From an exalted place thou hast come, O slave of God! Why dost thou adore what is low?
For four days thou hast to exist, then what dost thou earn false hood for?
By commiting this sin what fruit dost thou procure?

Refrain: Be not lost in delusion O brother! Act with humility for thou hast to die.
Intercession (for thee) is of the apostle of God, intercesson is of the Prophet.
Falsehood one should fear, O brother, verily falsehood one should fear. ...1

U(n)ch Thee Aayo Bande - Translation B

Unch thi aayo bande nich kiyun dhiyaave


Pir Sadardeen

O momins! Thy Lord has created thee best in all creations,

So why degrade thyself?

Your abode in this world is of a short while.

So why commit sins?

What will you gain by these sins?

Do not leave the right path for worldliness,

Surely you are to die; so be humble and polite

By the help of the Apostle and by the aid of the Prophet fear falsehood and sins. ...1

You were born naked, have you forgotten your position that you came naked into this world?

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