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Aava gur nar saami ne sreviye

Pir Sadardin
bhg3-087 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay, Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934

Eji Aavaa Gur Nar saami ne srevi-e,
te to huaddaa Shaah naa didaari-aa
tam sun prit bandhaanni,
evi prit bandhaanni mitthaa Shaam sun;
tam sun neheddo laago moraa naath ji,
tam sun prit bandhaanni 1

Eji Aavaa Gur Nar saami saathe,
jenne jive yaari-aa
tene dil thaki duniyaa visaariyaa- tam sun 2

Eji Aavaa panj bhu vas kari,
chaare jug ni kalaa Gur ni joelaa;
kroddi tetris devataa naa melaa maanhe hoelaa- tam sun 3

Eji Aavaa paachham dise saami raajo aaveaa
evaa Gur-mukhe ginaan sanbharaayaa- tam sun 4

Eji Pir boleaa Sat Gur Sohodev saari-aa;
maare momane kun behesht didaari-aa - tam sun 5

Translation & Transcription

Aavaa Gur-nar Saamee Ne Srevee-e-Peer - Translation A

Aava gur nar saami ne sreviye


ejee aavaa gur-nar saamee ne srevee-e,

teto huaddaa shaahaa naa deedaaree-aa

tam su(n) prit ba(n)dhaannee,

evee prit ba(n)dhaannee meetthaa shaam su(n);

tam su(n) neheddo laago moraa naath jee,

tam su(n) prit ba(n)dhaannee......................................1

Devotedly serve such a Guide and Master that you may achieve the vision of the Lord.

I am bound to You by love. I am bound by so great a love to my sweet Lord. It is with You that my ties are formed, o my Master. I am bound to You by love.

Aavaa Gur-nar Saamee Ne Srevee-e-Peer - Translation B

Aava gur nar saami ne sreviye

Pir Satgur Sohodev

If such a Lord we serve,

Then would we achieve His holy didar?

O Master! For Thee am I possessed with love,

With such a love am I possessed;

O sweet Master! With Thee am I fallen in love,

With Thee am I tied up with love. ...1

With such a Lord the souls

that have companionship and love;

They have renounced the world with their hearts,

O Master. ...2

Those who have curbed the five vices and have beheld

the glory of the Master of the four Yugs;

They shall attain the associateship

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