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Hete sun milore maaraa munivaro

Sayyed Imaam Shaah
bhg1-010 - 600 Ginans published by: Recreation Club Institute, Bombay, Khoja Sindhi Printing Press, 1934
Hete sun milore

Jire viraa hetesun milo maaraa munivaro
ane mukhe te saachi vaanni bolo
nit nit darshan kije Dev naan
bhaai sutak paatak kholo 1

Jire viraa Gur gat gangaa tirath maanhe naahi-e
ane nirmal kiji-e man
paanch padaarath paami-e
jo purav hove punya 2

Jire viraa purav punya vinaa kyaanthi paami-e
ane saacho te Sat Panth saar
Sat Panth padaarath paami-e
bhaai joi dil hove paak 3

Jire viraa paak saahebjinun naam chhe
tene jampi-e saas usaas
dur ma dekho dil maanhe vase
jem champaa ful maanhe vaas 4

Jire viraa rome rome maaro Shaah vase
ane antar nahi ek til
evun jaanni ne bhagataai kiji-e
Shaah paratak betthaa dil 5

Jire viraa sat bolo ane sate chaal jo
ane sat samo nahi koi saar
sakall ved sate rachyaa
bhaai Sat-e utar sho paar 6

Jire viraa sat ma chhoddo maaraa munivaro
ane sat chhoddaaye pat jaay
imaan sarikho divaddo
tene ajvaalle Shaah paay 7

Jire viraa rahenni ajvaalli chaand sun
ane divas ajvaallo sur
tem ghatt ajvaallo imaan sun
chaudise varase Noor 8

Jire viraa Noor Naaraayann-jinu tiyaan vase
jis ghatt saacho imaan
tene Dev lok parnnaam kare
pachhe vaaso te vaikuntth tthaam 9

Jire viraa bhanne Sayyed Imaam-Shaah sunno munivaro
tame dekho achambe saar
chheli naav kal jug ni
bhaai imaani utarshe paar 10

Translation & Transcription

Hetesu(n) Meelo Maaraa Munivaro - Translation A

Hete sun milore maaraa munivaro


jeere viraa hetesu(n) meelo maaraa munivaro
ane mukhe te saachee vaannee bolo
neet neet darshan keeje dev naa(n)
bhaai sutak paatak kholo..............................1

Dear brothers: With love have a gathering, O my believers and
speak from your mouths only the truth. Everyday (enjoy or seek)
the Vision of the Lord. Brother open up your sins and irreligious
activities(for repentance and purification).

jeere viraa gurgat ga(n)gaa teerathmaa(n)he naahi-e

Hetesu(n) Meelo Maaraa Munivaro - Translation B

Hete sun milore maaraa munivaro

Sayyed Imamshah
With affection assemble, O my momins (Munivars i.e. the best of
ascetics) and from your mouths utter only truth.
Everybody see the deedar of God and O brother relinquish all
impurities and sins. ...1

Lave in the Ganges (formed by the assembly) of the followers of the
Lord (which is) the sanctuary and make your minds pure.
We attain to five matters (Panch padarath comprising of Verity,
Endurance, Forgiveness, Faith and Zikar i.e. repeating the name of
the Lord) if previously we possess on our credit the deeds of
religious merits. ...2

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