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Shukhranlillah Wal Hamdulillah - 1995

Heritage Society Audio Collection



ya ali madad (read in hindi plz.) bahot hi mitha aawaz aur tasbi sunke dilko bahot sukun milta hai. jinohne is tasbi me part liya hai aap sab ko allah sada khush rakhe nek umide puri kari.allah hamesha aap sabki our kul din bhaiyo ki hifazat kare AAMEEN.


Want Tasbih without music please.

tasbhi with music

thax so much for uploading


Tasbhi repeat


thanks for tasbhi may mowla bless you

tasbihs with their meaning

Hey thanks for the tasbihs dear, but it will be more helpful if we get to know their meaning also.
and 1 more thing is there any version of tasbihs without music, if yes then please upload it....
thank you...:)


Thanks for this lovely tasbi...may mowla bless you..aameen;-)

Lovely Tashbih

Ya Ali Madad, Many Many Thanks for this Tashbih. I was looking for this Tashbih last many times. Finally i got it. Thanks again. It's really awesome sound and Voice.

RE: MUSIC Tasbih

thankyou for the tasbihs..i am now going into the faith and need to catch up and learn various aspects so this site is highly beneficial to me. i would also like the tasbihs without the music, although its nice with the music too..perhaps we could have a version without the music as well?

many thanks and Ya Ali Madad May Mowla continue to bless you and direct you in the sewa of our jamat ameen

music is irritating,......

find a version that is more spiritual-more peaceful, like v say in jk, maybe in a group....the singer's voice should b peaceful and calm...music doesnt always work...except in rare instances.

This tasbih is very calming

This tasbih is very calming and beautiful, if you do not like it please do not comment or listen to it, let others enjoy this amazing prayer. Thanks.

Re: Shukhranlillah Wal Hamdulillah

It's beautiful

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