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1986 - Imam Signing the Ismaili Constitution

1986 - Imam Signing the Ismaili Constitution

It is clearly seen in the photo of the Imam when he was ordaining the New Ismaili Constitution that there was a small Ismaili flag on Imam's table, having an image of the Coat-of-Arms, i.e., the monogram of a crown (taj) on it. This is a royal monogram which was originally presented by Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah after his gracious arrival in India from Europe on March 2, 1920. Lt. Col. Pir Muhammad Madhani and Major A.J. Lakhpati had acknowledged its receipt on behalf of the volunteers Corps of Bombay at Imam's bungalow in Bombay on Saturday, April 3, 1920. The Imam said to them during presentation that, "Get such Coat-of-Arms prepared and every volunteer should wear it on his cap."

Book: Ismaili flag - It's Origin & Importance

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