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Heritage Dictionary of ismailism, entry #163

(600-661 A.D.) Imam in 619. Born in the Kabba, son of Imam Abu Talib* and Fatima b. Asad*. Married Fatima and had 4 children, including Om Kulsum and Zainab. He married 9 other women after Fatima and had 14 sons and 19 daughters. The Imamat was declared by Divine Order at Gadir-e-Khum. He won the battle of Khayber in 629 and protected the Prophet in numerous other battles including Honayn, Ohod, Badr etc., as well as against Aisha (Jamal) and Muawiya (Siffin). Accompanied all the prophets, although was never revealed. Assassinated by Muljim in Kufa.

(600-661 A.D.) Imam en 619. Né dans la Kaaba. Fils de l'Imam Abou Talib* et Fatima b. Asad*. Epousa Fatima qui eut 4 enfants dont Um Kulsum et Zainab. Il épousa 9 femmes après Fatima, 14 fils et 19 filles. Imamat déclaré à Gadir è Khum sur Ordre Divin. Fit gagner la bataille de Khayber* en 629. Protégea le Prophète Dans toutes les batailles: Honayn, Ohod, Badr etc. Contre Aisha (Jamal) et Muawiya (Siffin). Etait secret avec tous les Prophètes. Assasiné par Muljim a Kufa.

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