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Heritage Dictionary of ismailism, entry #187

57AH/677-114AH/732. Imam in 713, born in Medina. Son of Imam Zainul Abidin and Om Abdulla (daughter of Hazrat Hassan). Married Om Farwa, grand daughter of Abu Bakr. The city of Fadak*which was confisticated from Bibi Fatima was givenback to him. Compiled numerous works such as Ummul Kitab. Had 6 sons: Jafar Sadiq, Abdullah, Ibrahim, Hassan, Abu Tarab, and Thabit and 2 daughters: Zainab and Om Khulsum. He was poisoned to death by the Omayyad Hisham in August 732. (2 movements: Zaydie - the half-brother of the Imam - and Mansouriya.)

57AH/677-114AH/732. Imam en 713. Né à Médine. Fils de Imam Zeinul Abidin et Ummè Abdullah (fille Hazrat Hassan). Epousa Ummé Farwa (petite fille de Abu Bakr). La ville de Fadak* confisquée à Bibi Fatima lui fut rendue. Nombreux ouvrages dont Ummul Kitab. Eut 6 fils Jafar Sadiq, Abdullah, Ibrahim, Hassan, Abu Tarab, et Thabit et 2 filles: Zainab et Omm Khulsum. Il mourut empoisonné par l'Omayyad Hisham en ao

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