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Heritage Dictionary of ismailism, entry #335

End of 3rd Century.AH-363/974. Ismaili lawyer who served during 4 Fatimid Caliphs. Was born into Sunni faith, then converted to Ithnashri. Author of 44 books.Qadi al-Qudat*. See. Da'im* . Had 2 sons: Muhammad and Ali, both Qadi al-Qudat. Died in old Cairo (Misr). See. "Kitab ul-Himma", "Da'im al-Islam", Al-Majalis wa'l Musayarat". For detailed English text on QADI AL-NUMAN click here

Fin 3e S.AH-363/974. Juriste ismaélien du temps de 4 Califes fatimides. Maliki sunni puis Ithna ashari converti. Auteur de 44 livres. Qadi al-Qudat*. V. Da'im* Eut 2 fils: Muhammad et Ali, tous deux Qadi al-Qudat. Mourut au vieux Caire (Misr). V. "Kitab ul-Himma", "Da'im al-Islam", Al-Majalis wa'l Musayarat".

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