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01. Tauba No Chanto


(Seeking forgiveness for failing to repent)

Many of us cannot come to Jamat Khana daily and even when we do, we fail to repent our sins. When we perform the Tauba (Dua Karavi) before Mukhi-Kamadia Sahibs, we often lack the sincerity for repentance. Mowlana Sultan Mohammed Shah has said in one of His farmans: "Soul of man is very dear to God and therefore, for its salvation it is absolutely necessary that one should seek God's forgiveness". This Holy farman explains that negligence in repenting is being cruel to ones' own soul. This Chanta, is therefore, taken to seek forgiveness for the negligence in performing the daily act of repentance. It also reminds us of the importance of the constant and sincere repentance.

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