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15. Bavan Gati No Chanto

(Seeking mercy in passing through 52 narrow passages)

In addition to the 19 checkpoints, the soul also has to pass through what Pir Sadardin has compared to 52 mountain passes. In his Granth "Bawan Gati", the Pir explains about 52 passages which the soul has to navigate through, each fraught with its own set of difficulties. This Chanta is taken to ease this journey. It also reminds us that the only thing that will help the soul in its journey is its good deeds and the mercy of Hazar Imam.

Having understood the significance of 15 Chantas it is important to prepare ourselves to receive the mercy of Hazar Imam by being sincere in our repentance and to be firm in our resolve not to fall into the same errors again.

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