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02. The Great Trail of Guptis

In the year 1951 the occasion of marriage of Itmadi Huseinali Kassamaili Zaveri brought an era of trial for these Guptis. Being a devoted Ismaili the family invited Mowlana Imam Sultan Muhammed Shah (a.s.) at the marriage. The orthodox community people were enraged. They had a doubt that some of them are following some different religion but they had never imagined that they were Ismailis. The community objected to the invitation extended to Imame Zaman. The family of the bride was forced to revoke the engagement. The occasion was such that marriage ceremony would be cancelled and according to Indian Custom it was a great insult of the bridegroom and his family to return without marriage, immediately on the spur of the moment one of the Guptis offered his daughter for marriage. The opposition had informed all the Brahmins, the priests, not to perform this marriage, but the ceremony was then performed by a "Gupti" who was from a Brahmin family.

A newspaper known as "Deshi Mitra" propagated hatred against the Guptis and declared a completed boycott . The Guptis became more courageous and on 10th June 1915 published their Muslim names in Government Gazzette. During these period two deaths occurred of small children, and they were buried with Muslim ceremony. The opposition harassed Guptis with whatever means available, even throwing stones and dust on Guptis ladies. The harassment remained for four days then they changed their plans. They now approached the other families having relation with Guptis and threatened them to excommunicate if they did not sever relations with Guptis. Even Guptis. Even Guptis were threatened but on the majority it has not effect. Some did wavered and consequently it so happened that some wives left their husbands and children. Few families were disrupted. More the suppression was imposed bolder the Guptis became they even placed a sign board on their Jamatkhana declaring it as Shia Imami Ismaili Jamatkhana. Later on they openly built a new bigger Jamatkhana side by Surat also joined with them and even at present are attending this new Jamatkhana.

Hazarat Mowlana Imam Sultan Muhammed Shah (a.s.) made following firman mubarak regarding Guptis of Surat:

"It was a miracle at Surat. No where in India such an example has been set. If others follow the example of Surat the number in community may enlarge much".

(Bombay 28-1-1935 ref: Gauhare Rahemat page 42 Kalame Imame Mubin Part II page 172, firman No 337).

The Gupties "The Heroes of Surat"have intermingled with Khojas and at present are living as Khaoja Community, with a proud and precious history lying behind.

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