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03. Appreciation

Before conveying my heartiest appreciation to several friends and elders who helped me in collection of this article, I take this opportunity to say something about the book.

In the year 1956 we were collecting material for publication of "Platinum Jubilee Souvenir" of "Jaguti" magazine published by Prabhatia Panejbhai of Bombay. Our idea was to cover as much as possible historical material not yet in respect of "Gupties of Surat" In this connection I had an opportunity to visit Surat with Mr. Kurbanali Mohamedail Mansurali of Bombay who took keen interest int eh collection and being originally from Surat helped us with all required links. We visited old Jamatkhana of Surat and also saw its system. Here we were ably helped by a learned Ismaili Varas Hassanali Mohamed Laiwala, who showed us the original Gazzete in gazzetted. He also provided us with material for this article, Later on we met Chief Vazier Khanbhadur Kassamali Hassanali Zaveri, who was very co-operative and also provided further interesting information. This article was originally published in Gujarati in "Jagruti" Magazine.

I sincerely record my thanks and appreciation for Chief Vazier Khanbahadur Kassamali Hassanali Zaveri, Khansaheb Nathalal Pate. Vazier Hassanali Mohamed Laiwala, Mr. Kurbanali Mohmedali Mansurali, and Al-waiz Amirali Amlani for giving all the assistance in collection and preparation of this article in Gujarati.

My thanks are also to Chairman and members of Ismailia Association Kisumu Committee and the Officers in Charge and members of Literary Section for giving me this opportunity to present this article in English in booklet form.



first Edition 21st March, 1968

2000 copies

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