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Heroes and other Persons in Ismaili History

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NameDescriptionPerson typeBirth YearDeath Year
Datoo Meru, Alijah Hero
1868 - 1939
Datoo, Mukhi Ramzan Ismail, Dr. Hero
Dayabhai Velji, Varas Hero
1870 - 1937
Dr Gulshan Khakee Scholar
1944 - 2002

Dr Gulshan Khakee was among the pioniers of Ginanic research.

She graduated in teacher training in Nairobi where she taught at the AK Girl School and at the Kenya High School . She did her M.A. at Trinity College in Dublin - Ireland and her PhD. at Harvard in 1972.

Thesis: "The `Das Avatara' of Satpanthi Ismailis and Imam Shahis of Indo-Pakistan." Ph.D. diss., Harvard University , 1972. [Contains a transliteration and translation of the Das Avatara of Imam Shah.] read the Thesis here: http://ismaili.net/heritage/node/29102

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