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Heroes and other Persons in Ismaili History

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NameDescriptionPerson typeBirth YearDeath Year
Iain T. Benson Official

Iain T. Benson is a member of the first Board of Directors of the Global Centre for Pluralism

Ibn Al-Haytham Scientist | Hero
Ibn Al-haytham Artist Rendering
0958 - 1032

Also known as Alhazen, Father of Modern Science and Modern Optics

Ibrahim Jusab Varteji, Missionary Hero
1878 - 1953
Ibrahim Nathoo, Count Hero
1905 - 1962
Ibrahim Rahimtullah, Sir Hero
1862 - 1942
Ibrahim Suleman Haji, Wazir Hero
1889 - 1959
Ismail Gangji, Varas Hero
1788 - 1883
Ismail Kassimani, Kamadia Hero
1853 - 1909
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