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Heroes and other Persons in Ismaili History

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NameDescriptionPerson typeBirth YearDeath Year
Yaqub Bin Killis Hero | Historic Figure
0930 - 0991
Yash Ghai Official

Yash Ghai is a member of the First Board of Directors of the Global Centre for Pluralism.

Yusuf Habib Keshavjee Ismaili in the News

Yusuf Habib Keshavjee, Board of Trustees, AKU

Mr Keshavjee brings to the Board diverse experience from East Africa's private as well as government and civil society sectors. He currently chairs the Boards of Honey Care Africa Limited, an expanding East African social enterprise aimed at increasing income of rural farmers; Shaanti Holistic Health Retreat, a yoga and meditation centre in Mombasa; and White Rose Drycleaners based in Kenya and Uganda.

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