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YearNameDescriptionPlace Type
YearNamePlace TypeDescription
Sandton Jamatkhana, South Africa Jamatkhana
Sangorda Jamatkhana, Gujarat, India Jamatkhana
Sanjan Jamatkhana, Gujarat, India Jamatkhana
Santa Monica Jamatkhana, California , United States of America Jamatkhana
Santacruz Jamatkhana, Maharashtra, India Jamatkhana
Sarnia Jamatkhana, Ontario, Canada Jamatkhana
Sarpsborg Jamatkhana, Norway Jamatkhana
Saskatchewan Jamatkhana, Canada Jamatkhana
Saudade Jamatkhana, Goa, India Jamatkhana
Sayyod Jamatkhana, Ishkashim, Badakshan, Afghanistan Jamatkhana
Scarborough Jamatkhana, Ontario, Canada Jamatkhana
Secunderabad Jamatkhana, Andra Pradesh, India Jamatkhana
Seremban Jamatkhana, Malaysia Jamatkhana
Serena Hotels Hotel
Setalus Jamatkhana, India Jamatkhana
Shah-E-Alam Jamatkhana, India Jamatkhana
Shefield Jamatkhana, United Kingdom Jamatkhana
Sherbrooke Jamatkhana, Quebec, Canada Jamatkhana
Shersabaz Jamatkhana, Gilgit, FANA, Pakistan Jamatkhana
Shetmarge Jamatkhana, Gilgit, FANA, Pakistan Jamatkhana
Shigar Fort Building-Other

Shigar Fort is built upon a massive boulder and is 400 years old. It is locally known as Fongkhar, "Palace on the Rock". Shigar Fort is at the foot of a steep rock formation, on top of which lie the ruins of the original Fort. It was the former royal residence of the Rajas of Shigar.

Singapore Jamatkhana, Singapore Jamatkhana
Sirjan Jamatkhana, Kerman, Iran Jamatkhana
Sost Village Jamatkhana, Gilgit, FANA, Pakistan Jamatkhana
Southampton Jamatkhana, United Kingdom Jamatkhana
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