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The Sunday Times Interview, Part II, Nicholas Tomalin, ‘Our Future in Africa’ (London, United Kingdom) 1965-12-19

H.H Aga Khan IV

Aga Khan talks to Nicholas Tomalin about the problems of guiding his people in a continent in political ferment.

His Highness Prince Karim, Aga Khan IV, occupies tor twenty million Ismaili Muslims in the Indian sub-continent, Africa and the Middle East a position “somewhere between that of a Head of State and a Pope.” Though only 28, he has been their spiritual ruler since he succeeded his grandfather at the age of 19. This frank discussion of his role and duties is his first interview with a Western journalist for two years. The first part appeared last Sunday.

Interview - THE RULER WITHOUT A KINGDOM = Sunday Times

The Imam's word on the Faith is taken as an absolute rule. Every Ismaili is expected to accept it. The Community always follows very closely the personal way of thinking of the Imam. It's one of the particularities of Ismailis. An Ismaili who did not obey My word in matters of Faith, would not be excommunicated, he would still be a Muslim. He simply would no longer be a member of the Jamath

Interview - THE RULER WITHOUT A KINGDOM = Sunday Times

H.H. Aga Khan IV at Harvard


THE RULER WITHOUT A KINGDOM : The Aga Khan talks candidly to The Sunday Times. He is only twenty-eight. Yet he holds sway over twenty million people of one faith but widely differing nationalities in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. This two-part conversation with Nicholas Tomalin is a frank discussion of his own personality and power.

I have been the bearer of the "NOOR" a word which means "The Light"

Since My grand-father, the last Aga Khan, died, I have been the bearer of the "NOOR" a word which means "The Light" The NOOR has been handed down in direct descent from the Prophet. But My work and responsibilities overflow into the practical side of life

President of Pakistan appreciates socio-economic work, services of Aga Khan Development Network

President Mamnoon Hussain  talking to Hafiz Sherali, President Aga Khan Council for Pakistan 2017-03-22

source: Associated Press of Pakistan Corporation www.app.com

ISLAMABAD, Mar 22 (APP): President Mamnoon Hussain on Wednesday
appreciated the socio-economic work and services rendered by the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), Aga Khan Foundation and Aga Khan Health services in Pakistan under the inspiring and dynamic leadership of Aga Khan.

President Mamnoon Hussain was talking to Hafiz Sherali, President Aga

Of the Abrahamic faiths, Islam is probably the one that places the greatest emphasis on knowledge.

Of the Abrahamic faiths, Islam is probably the one that places the greatest emphasis on knowledge. The purpose is to understand God’s creation, and therefore it is a faith which is eminently logical. Islam is a faith of reason.

SPIEGEL Interview with Aga Khan 2006-10-12

Karim Aga Khan IV: "Nobody will ever convince me that the faith of Islam, that Christianity, that Judaism will fight each other

SPIEGEL: Your Highness, in a lecture Pope Benedict XVI quoted Emperor Manuel as saying: "Show me just what Muhammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as a command to spread by the sword the faith he preached." This quotation from the 14th century has caused great uproar in the Muslim world. Why? And what was your reaction?

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