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The Prophetic Figure of Adam in the Fatimid Tradition


In this monograph prepared in 1991 for presentation at the SOS Khojki Conference organised by the Heritage Society, Professor Shin Nomoto discusses the role of Adam in history from the point of view of two sources of Fatimid Origin:

1) From the Kitak al-Riyad of Da'i Hami al-Din Khirmani(d.1021AD) with reference to the debate on Adam's Prophecy by Abu Hatim al-razi (d.935) and Abu Yaqub Sijistani.

2) The second sources used in this monograph is from the 13th Century Tayyibi Da'i husayn b. Ali b. Muhammad b. al-Walid (d.1298)

The prophetic Figure of Adam within the Fatimid Tradition

Publication Type  Journal Article
Year of Publication  1991
Authors  Nomoto, Shin
Journal Title  Proceedings of the SOS Khojki Conference
Volume  1991
Publisher  The Heritage Society
Key Words  Adam; fatimid; Prophetic; figure;

Avichal allah avichal khalak - Meaning and comments by Mumtaz Ali Tajdddin


The meaning of the Ginan " Avichal Allah, Avichal Khalaq" of Pir Sadardin. (d.1416)

the ginans is 13 couplets is translated and commented line by line and on its concepts. The ginan is in Hindi that incorporates many Persian words and some Arabic ones.

Download link for the PDF file is given here below.

Avichal Allah, Avichal Khalaq

Avichal allah avi chal khalak
Publication Type  Translation
Year of Publication  1993
Authors  Tajddin Sadiq Ali, Mumtaz Ali

11 pages

Key Words  Pir sadardin; ginan; meaning; avichal allal; ismaili; translation

Mystical Elements in "Satvenni Motti" of Sayed Nur Muhammad Shah


Mumtaz Ali Tajjdin Sadik Ali has built his credibility since decades in the field of Ginanic studies in which he has become one of the experts of our times.

Mumtaz Ali has written this short 16 pages analysis of Satvenni Motti (Satveni Moti) Granth and released it on Navroz (21st March) 1996. After a brief introduction on Nur Muhammad Shah, he goes on in showing the various concepts covered in Motty Satvenni with some verses translated ending in comparing with concepts put forth by Pir Sadardin and explaining in detail the process of Meditation supported by the "Jap", the "Word".

Ismailism in Multan and Sind


This is an article about the expansion of Ismailism in Multan and Sind since Dai Hatim was sent to these areas in 883AD (Fatimid took power in Maghreb in 909 AD). The expansion continued later under Dai Jalam b. Shayban( http://ismaili.net/heritage/node/2187) who seize Multan for the Fatimid Imams in 985 AD.

A Fatimid Decree of the Year 524 AH/1130 AD


The large collection of the Turkish and Arabic manuscripts at the St Catherine Monastery in Sinai contains several Decrees issued by various Fatimid Caliphs and in particular Mustealian Fatimid Caliphs. In some of those we find confirmation of the covenant of Prophet Muhammad with the Christians for their protection. Stern publishes here one of the Decree of the Regent Abd al Majid in this article.

A PDF download is available from the link below.

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