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Event - 1966-12-10

Guest at a luncheon reception organised by the then Minister for Home Affairs, Mr. Daniel arap Moi. From Nakuru he travelled to Nyeri to visit the Jamat.

Event - 1967-01-26

Visited Ismaili Centre at Lausanne, Switzerland.

Event - 1967-03-29

Flew to New York for a fortnight's visit to U.S.A.

Event - 1967-06-07

Visited Ismaili Centre in Paris where Ismailis from Europe and other parts of the world had gathered.

Event - 1967-11-05

Arrived in Bombay on 23-day State visit to India. Toured Bhavnagar, Malia Hatina, Ahmedabad, Sidhpur, New Delhi, Nagpur, Yeotmal and Hyderabad.

Event - 1967-11-19

Visited Yeotmal, centre of Shahid. First Imam to visit the place in 1400 years. Laid foundation stone of new Jamat Khana.

Event - 1966-11-21

Visited Nairobi. Toured I.P.S. factories and Nation House. Attended luncheon at the Parliament Buildings as guest of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mr. Humphrey Slade. Spent time in the Speaker's Gallery listening to M.P.s at Question Time. Addressed the East African Institute for Cultural and Social Affairs on 'The Dilemma that faces the Ismailis' given to Nicholas Tomalin.

Event - 1966-01-08


The soil of Africa was blessed with the Holy visit of our spiritual father this month when he arrived in Leopoldville, Congo, for one day on Saturday, January 8. He came to attend the foundation ceremony of the new 20 storey building of I.P.S.

Event - 1966-04-14

Purchased an eight-seater French Mystere 20 Executive-class jet for visiting Jamats all over the world.

Event - 1966-10-18

Arrived in Nairobi to a tumultuous welcome; visited the Jamat Khanas.

Event - 1966-10-20-A

Visited the 1.5 million Pounds I.P.S. Textile Mill in Arusha, Tanzania. Opened extensions to the Tanzania Litho premises in Arusha. In Moshi Mowlana Hazar Imam was welcomed to the Town Hall by the Chairman, Mr. O.M.J. Lema. Moshi Provincial Council hosted a luncheon for Hazar Imam at the residence of the Council President, Mr. Madat Mulji. Mowlana Hazar Imam visited the Aga Khan Secondary School and Aga Khan Hospital.

Event - 1966-10-22

Arrived in Mombasa. Attended reception given by Mayor John Mambo. Mowlana Hazar Imam visited Mombasa I.P.S. shirt and sock factory, Aga Khan Secondary School and Aga Khan Hospital.

Event - 1966-10-25

Visited Tanga; toured Kilimanjaro Blanket Corporation.

Event - 1966-10-25-A

Visited Dar-es-Salaam. Spoke at Boys' Secondary School. Visited Nursery and Primary Schools. Inspected I.P.S. shirts factory, knitwear and hosiery factory and chemicals firm. Visited a non-I.P.S. concern, Mr. Ameer Bhatia's razor blade factory. Toured the 140,000 Pounds Aga Khan Hospital at Seaview. Met with officials of Tanzania Council of Muslim Welfare Society.

Event - 1966-11-03

Visited Lindi and Mtwara. Was interviewed on Radio Tanzania. Had tea at Regional Commissioner's house in Mtwara.

Event - 1966-11-07

Visited Tabora and Kigoma.

Event - 1966-11-09

Visited Shinyanga.

Event - 1966-11-09

Visited Mbeya, Musoma and Mwanza.

Event - 1966-11-15

Visited Malagasy Republic. Held discussions with President Philibert Tsiranana who decorated him with the country's highest honour, the 'Grand Cross of the National Order of Malagasy Republic'.

Event - 1964-12-19

Visited Ismailia Jamats at Mirpur Sakro, 50 miles from Karachi.

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