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Event - 1959-07-27

Visited Salamieh in Syria. Donated

Event - 1959-10-14

Hazar Imam was interviewed on Radio Times of Kenya October 24, 1959: Arrived in Tehran for 10 day visit, his first to Iran. He was given the title of 'His Royal Highness' by Shah-en-Shah of Iran.

Event - 1959-11-23

Visited U.S.A. as Hon. Chairman for Africa Research Foundation for its health and research projects in Africa.

Event - 1960-09-27

Spoke on Dr. Alidina Kharadhar Hospital and Maternity Home. Visited Prince Aga Khan's Boys'/Girls' Secondary and Nursery Schools of Kharadhar, Pakistan.

Event - 1957-08-09

First visit to Bombay, India.

Event - 1958-01-30

Civic reception at Karachi. February 8, 1958: Visited Khyber Pass (Peshawar).

Event - 1958-05-11

First visit to Ismailis in South Africa, the Congo and Portuguese East Africa.

Event - 1958-Winter

Hazar Imam visited Sardinia for the first time where he had invested $25,000 in 7400 acres of rugged land. (click here)

Event - 1957-07-26

First visit to London Jamat. Given title of 'His Highness' by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Event - 1957-08-01

August 1957 was the begining of the first long visit to followers.

Event - 1957-08-04

Visit to Karachi, Pakistan. In His speech, Hazar Imam said; 'You all know that my grandfather was one of the founders of Pakistan

Event - 1957-08-07

First Visit to Dacca.

Event - 1957-08-10

Brief visit to Lebanon, Beirut. 'First visit to His followers.'

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