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Event - 1997-03

East Africa Gallery- This is the place where you can find all of the others press clippings, many speeches of the visits (by H.H. The Aga Khan, Prince Amyn, President Moi etc... And not to mention almost 50 beautiful photographs of the visit. One of the best Gallery we ever had!

Event - 1996-09-10


Princess Zahra Aga Khan visited Ottawa, Canada as Guest of Honour at the launch of the book, Speaking Out: Women's Economic Empowerment in South Asia. Princess Zahra said; 'Womens's rights are human rights and when women can improve their social and economic well-being, the benefits spread to their families, communities and nations.'

Event - 1994-11-01

Visited Institutions of the Imamat in Pakistan. Mulaqat with the Jamat of Afghanistan in Islamabad.

Event - 1995-01-01

His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan meeting Prime Minster Viktor Chernomyrdin in Moscow, 1995. (Image credit: The Ismaili Canada)

Mowlana Hazar Imam visited Moscow as guest of the Russian Government and met with Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin. Held meetings with officials at the highest levels of federal and local governments. Visited both houses of the Russian Parliament, the Federation Council and the State Duma , and from the City Hall to the Kremlin. Hazar Imam also met with senior diplomats, religious leaders, academicians and representatives of the Russian and international Press.

Event - 1995-11-01

Princess Zahra visited various jamati institutions worldwide as part of her portfolio of Women's, Youth and Social Welfare affairs. She visited India, Malagasy Republic and Canadian cities. In the Malagasy Republic capital of Antananarivo, the Princess stopped by the newly renovated Aga Khan Hostel.

Event - 1995-05-01-A

Visit to Tajikistan. Jamat was granted first ever Holy Deedar of an Imam in centuries at the Dushanbe Soccer Stadium on May 24, 1995 at 9:00 a.m. (See photos of the visit in the photo section below.

Event - 1996-02-01

Prince Amyn visited Lisbon, Portugal in his capacity as a Director of the Aga Khan Foundation. At a gala dinner organized by the Aga Khan Foundation, President Mario Soares of Portugal was the Chief Guest. In his speech, where he profiled the Ismaili community, Prince Amyn said: 'This far flung community is characterized despite geographical distances, by its coherence and characterization .' (click here)

Event - 1992-11-09

Hazar Imam arrived at Bombay's Santa Cruz Airport to a red carpet welcome as a guest of the Government of India. Hazar Imam was then driven in an official motorcade to the Raj Bhavan where he stayed as State Guest. (click here) Hazar Imam also gave Holy Deedar to Indian Jamats at many locations during this visit.

Event - 1992-11-01

Visit to Pakistan. Granted Deedar to Jamats.

Event - 1993-02-13

Hazar Imam visited Pakistan to attend various meetings at the Aga Khan University. Hazar Imam was greeted at Islamabad Airport by President Ghulam Ishaq Khan and stayed at the Aiwan-e-Sadr, the official residence of the President.

Event - 1994-08-05

10 day visit to London, England. General Deedar on August 5th and Darbar on the 14th at the Earls Court Centre.

Event - 1991-07-01

2-week visit to East Africa. Celebrated Imamat Day with both Kenya and Tanzania Jamat.

Event - 1991-11-01

On a 17 days visit in Pakistan, Hazar Imam announced Chancellor's Commission to enable the Aga Khan University, Karachi to expand its international role. In his speech, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, paid glowing tribute to Hazar Imam's work: 'We in Pakistan owe a debt of gratitude to His Highness The Aga Khan for the concern and interest that he has always shown for the development of this country ' (click here)

Event - 1992-04-01

5-day visit to Uganda and Kenya. Signed Accords with both Governments. The Accords acknowledge the Aga Khan Development Network's contribution in the region. At the signing ceremony in Nairobi, President Moi of Kenya commended the institutions of the Development Network for actively serving Kenya in the fiels of education and health for more than 50 years. 'They were among the pioneers who opened up their institutions to people of all races and religion long before independence' Moi said. (click here)

Event - 1992-08-01

Visit to Canada. Granted Holy Deedar to Canadian Jamats from coast-to-coast. (click here)

Event - 1988-12-07

Hazar Imam with Prince Amyn Mohammad visited Mangapwani site, 15 miles north of Zanzibar town, where Tourism Promotion Services (Zanzibar) Limited is proposing to build a 125 room beach resort with golfing and other sports facilities.

Event - 1988-12-01

7-day visit in East Africa (click here).

Event - 1989-02-02

India visit to Gujerat Jamats. Hazar Imam visited a number of rural development projects in Broach District which form part of the A.K.R.S.P. activities in the State. These projects, totalling over 200, emphasize income generation and effective management of renewable resources (water source and wasteland development, savings, credit and supply schemes, animal husbandry and agriculture). The 12 days visit ended February 14th.

Event - 1987-11-16

Hazar Imam began a six day visit to Chitral and Gilgit districts in Northern Pakistan. He was received at Chitral Airport by the Adviser to Chief Minister of NWFP, Mr. Saeed Ahmad Khan, other Government officials and leaders of the Jamat. This was part of a 15 days visit to Pakistan.

Event - 1987-11-20

Signed Visitors' Book ofAKRSP with the words, 'I have spent here in the Northern Areas one of the most inspiring and exciting weeks of my life. Words are shallow in comparison to the depth of feeling and admiration I have for the extraordinary achievements of AKRSP, and everyone connected with it, achieved in the last five years. Centuries of poverty and despair, human conflict and division appear to be fading into the past, as new light and hope are projected onto a future which people can believe in. Yes, words do fail ..' Aga Khan.

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