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Many of the Mughal rulers, perhaps most of them, were also exceptional leaders in the acumen and insight which they brought to their leadership roles. They were statesmen who would have excelled in any time

Aga Khan University Convocation, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 2015-02-24

The most important point is the multiplier effect that you can have as you pass along your skills and your standards 2015-02-24

Aga Khan University Convocation, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

A respect for diversity – a welcoming, cosmopolitan ethic – has been a hallmark of this heritage – an increasingly relevant legacy in the emerging “borderless” world 2015-02-24

Hadith of Prophet Muhammad

All actions are judged by their motivations

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The so-called Arab Spring has brought special attention to this challenge - illustrating that it is easier to rally people in opposition to a particular government than to forge agreement about new governing processes - 2012-01-13

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One risk of decentralization is that it can place more decision-making power into the hands of communities that have had less access to education and governing experience, and less exposure to national and global issues - 2012-01-13

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The history of constitutions can be seen, as an oscillation between the two poles of centralization and diffusion - 2012-01-13

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In my experience, a country's standing in our contemporary world is no longer recognised by what it can achieve for itself, but by what it can do for others - 2012-01-13

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The more I think about this matter, the more I am persuaded that one of the critical barriers to progress is the way in which governing processes occur. - 2012-01-13

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Every one of us can take part in this process by ensuring that the basic rights of man are also the basic rights of women. - 1998-04-05

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Aga Khan Development Network programs depend heavily on volunteers, particularly in schools, health clinics and hospitals. - 1998-08-25

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As we move away from the welfare state and more toward a civic society, volunteers become more and more important - 1998-08-25

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people must become more involved in helping others. - 1998-08-25

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The thing, which struck me most, is that Ismaili men and women around the world are educated and generally progressive - 2000-02-08

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Although they are educated, and have an extensive range of institutions at their disposal, these are not utilized to their full potential. - 2000-02-08

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We must seek to develop between Ismaili women and men, fellowship and teamwork, shared learning, understanding, support and above all shared goals - 2000-02-08

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Muslim society subjects women to a complex combination of principles, which include cultural, social, legal, political, and religious elements. - 2000-02-08

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Firstly, the educated mother is better informed on health, education, hygiene and nutrition, and hence provides a better environment for her children - 2000-02-08

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An educated mother passes on education to her children, thus improving the child's academic performance and professional prospects - 2000-02-08

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