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The intelligent man is whoever knows how to be happier today than yesterday.

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there can be no question about the power of architecture to lift a people's heart.

Quote - 221

have the Muslim civilizations of today lost the capability to produce great architecture?

Quote - 162

Each breath of a man is a step nearer to death

Quote - 174

The end of these two is never reached - knowledge and understanding.

Quote - 190

Of a man's good qualities two are eminent - intelligence and speech. By the first he profits himself, and by the second he makes others profit.

Quote - 206

The Islamic world is remarkably poorly understood by the West -- almost terra incognita. Even now, one sees pervasive images in the West that caricature Muslims as either oil sheikhs or unruly fundamentalists. The Islamic world is in fact a rich and changing tapestry, which the West would do well to understand.

Quote - 222

Spirituality and architecture, together, become a force that can build bridges between people and communities, and empower them to build a more harmonious and humane future.

Quote - 163

Whoever is not serviceable to his kind is to be counted among the dead.

Quote - 175

Knowledge is a treasure so vast, that it is never exhausted; wisdom is a new robe that never gets worn.

Quote - 191

A man's reflection is the mirror that shows him his good and bad deeds.

Quote - 207

The Muslim world no longer can be thought of as a subset of the developing world. Islam is well represented in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom and western Europe -- and that presence is growing.

Quote - 223

He (Prince karim Aga Khan) has become a major activist for civilized humanity and universal values. Not in words but in deeds. Not in one location but around the world.

Quote - 164

Men are like trees; though the water with which they are watered is the same yet the fruits are not alike.

Quote - 176

The knowledge the most useful is what one puts into practice.

Quote - 192

Act only after reflection, and all you affairs will work out well.

Quote - 208

The West has many strengths, but prominent among them are science and democracy (with their public mechanisms for self-correction) and also private institutions, liberal economics, and a recognition of fundamental human rights.

Quote - 224

His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan IV is the first Muslim baccalaureate speaker in Brown's history and I dare to say in the history of the entire Ivy League and all American universities. He embodies the great ecumenical spirit that links the three great monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

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Men are asleep: they will awake when they die.

Quote - 177

By knowledge you are saved; by ignorance, lost.

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