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For a Muslim university it is appropriate to see learning and knowledge as a continuing acknowledgement of Allah's magnificence.

Quote - 171

There is no treasure like knowledge.

Quote - 187

God hath given His creatures nothing to place higher than reason.

Quote - 203

The conflict between the power blocs is gone, hopefully forever. The massive imposition of dogma on human minds may also be gone forever. Henceforth, artificial constraints on human intelligence will be replaced in many lands by new horizons of hope and thought.

Quote - 219

There is the potential in the Islamic heritage to help modern societies cope with the confusions, disillusionments and moral vagaries that afflict them.

Quote - 172

Knowledge leads to wisdom; accordingly the educated man is the wise one.

Quote - 188

A wise man first thinks and then speaks and a fool speaks and then thinks.

Quote - 204

you cannot articulate the [ismaili] Tariqah without articulating the concept of Imamat.

Quote - 220

His Royal Highness [Aga khan IV] is not only a leader of the Ismaili community but also of the entire Muslim world.

Quote - 157

In considering solutions we must recognise that there are differences between Muslim and Western outlooks on life and man's relationship to the universe.

Quote - 173

Riches diminish by expenditure, while knowledge is increased by dissemination.

Quote - 189

The intelligent man is whoever knows how to be happier today than yesterday.

Quote - 205

there can be no question about the power of architecture to lift a people's heart.

Quote - 221

have the Muslim civilizations of today lost the capability to produce great architecture?

Quote - 158

Your cultural heritage is unique and universally admired. Enhance your traditions and project them into the 21st century. Move ahead within your own idiom and culture. If you want to change course, do so. It is man's privilege to control what he does with his own built environment. If you are uncertain, we will help you, because it will be your achievements which are the key to our long term success

Quote - 174

The end of these two is never reached - knowledge and understanding.

Quote - 190

Of a man's good qualities two are eminent - intelligence and speech. By the first he profits himself, and by the second he makes others profit.

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The Islamic world is remarkably poorly understood by the West -- almost terra incognita. Even now, one sees pervasive images in the West that caricature Muslims as either oil sheikhs or unruly fundamentalists. The Islamic world is in fact a rich and changing tapestry, which the West would do well to understand.

Quote - 222

Spirituality and architecture, together, become a force that can build bridges between people and communities, and empower them to build a more harmonious and humane future.

Quote - 159

The best form of devotion to the service of God is not to make a show of it.

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