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Ultimately, the question we are asking is, whether man will serve all of humanity or only certain segments of it.

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What is done must be done honestly, sincerely and well. We cannot afford to be incompetent, because if we are, we damage the people we seek to serve.

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Teachers are the leaders in developing a nation's intelligentsia, without which a country cannot generate its own progress, either cultural or economic.

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History and the correct interpretation of the Imamat require that the Imam, while caring first of all for the spiritual well-being of his people, should also be continuously concerned with their safety and their material progress.

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All to often we forget that Islamic societies lived and worked and were educated in secular buildings, and these buildings still reflected the art, the taste, the culture, the skill and the craftsmanship of those societies.

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Islam therefore guides man not only in his spiritual relationship with God, it also guides man in his relationship with his fellow men and his relationship with the material world around him. It encourages enterprise, but warns that enterprise, without a social conscience, is not acceptable.

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The improvement of the human condition must be a principal obligation of every Muslim, whether those he helps are of his own faith or not.

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But buildings alone do not make a school. Good teaching makes a school

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Free enterprise will only survive if individual corporate self-discipline replaces the rule of long established law and accepted business practice.

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Islam does not deal in dichotomies but in all encompassing Unity. Spirit and body are one, man and nature are one. What is more, man is answerable to God for what man has created.

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And while Canada may not be unique in welcoming the victimized to her shores, where she stands very nearly alone is in her encouragement to her new citizens to maintain their traditions and customs. An encouragement that is in my view a particularly wise and mature expression of democratic freedom.

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In my experience, enabling environments interact with each other. By co-operation they build on each other's success.

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Education determines people's approach to the widest problems facing civilization.

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As a general rule, IPS mobilizes for its projects from foreign, local or government parties, five times its own investment. Thus they are true generators of development and investment in developing areas.

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Since all that we see and do resonates on the faith, the aesthetics of the environment we build and the quality of the social interactions that take place within those environments, reverberate on our spiritual life

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Islam is an all encompassing faith and it gives direction to every aspect of one's life. It urges the individual to lead a balanced life, one that strives to accommodate both material progress and spiritual well-being. But no man, woman or child can hope to achieve this balance in sickness, illiteracy or squalor.

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The limited sources of the Third World can only be made the most of by good management and the encouragement of merit, at all levels and in all walks of life.

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No art form in the Muslim world has suffered from the insidious influence of alien cultures as much as architecture. Yet it was only a few hundred years ago - a fragment of time in the great span of human history - that architecture became the greatest of Islamic cultural art forms.

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Changes are coming upon Islam faster now than in the age of our greatest territorial expansion. Today the changes have to do not with military conquest or the conversion of new peoples to the faith but with the impact upon us of economic, social and technological change, urbanization, population explosions, skyscrapers, automobiles, hotels and airports. Future shock is upon us.

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Islam is a total religion touching on all aspects of a Muslim's life. Therefore the Imam, whilst caring first of all for the spiritual wellbeing of his people, should also be continuously concerned with their safety and their material progress.

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