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Let us remember the historic role of "The University" in the study, interpretation, and transmission of the great humanistic traditions of the world. Our search for global peace in an inter-connected, crowded world with rising expectations, needs to understand and internalise these many lessons more than at any time in the past. Washington 2001]

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The healthy human body is the temple in which the flame of the Holy Spirit burns, and thus it deserves the respect of scrupulous cleanliness and personal hygiene. Prayer is a daily necessity, a direct communication of the spark with the Universal flame. .

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Virtue is the key to success.

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Ceremonies give us a rare chance to look backward and forward in time - back on the path we have already traveled and forward down the road to the future.

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The ethics of Islam enjoin all believers, individually or through institutions such as the Ismaili Imamat, to assist the poor, the isolated, and the marginalised to improve their current circumstances and future prospects.

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AKFED currently has some 90 significant projects spread over 20 countries with a total gross asset value of more than 1.5 billion dollars. It is a venture capital company that makes equity investments for the long term, is committed to the development of human resources where it works, and recirculates its profits to further entrepreneurial development initiatives in countries of Africa and Asia.

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In Islam the Faithful believe in Divine justice and are convinced that the solution of the great problem of predestination and free will is to be found in the compromise that God knows what man is going to do, but that man is free to do it or not. Wars are condemned. Peace ought to be universal. Islam means peace, God's peace with man and the peace of men one to another. .

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Men are like trees; though the water with which they are watered is the same yet the fruits are not alike.

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There are powerful reasons that we cannot overlook, for which the West and the Muslim world must seek a better mutual understanding.

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Experience is knowledge gained.

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While we must pay tribute to what has been achieved in much of the Third World during our lifetimes, the locomotive has run out of steam.

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I am hopeful that, through interventions of this type, our youth will learn to recognize that, whilst true success must be determined largely by merit, meritocracy and competition must not be permitted to erode their traditions of compassion and care for the less fortunate -- for it is those traditions, rooted in our faith and history, that should temper the harshest consequences of free market economics

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Men are asleep: they will awake when they die.

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it must be made utterly clear that in so far as Islam is concerned, this violence is not a function of the Faith itself, as much as the media would have you believe. This is a misperception which has become rampant, but which should not be endowed with any validity, nor should it be accepted and given credibility. It is wrong and damaging.

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A monarch is respected for his power; the scholar because of what he knows; the benefactor for his benfactions, and the patriarch for his age.

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Unleash human potentials and make possible a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts.

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But there is world change, and the role of the Imam of the time, amongst others, is to guide the murids to live in their time, hopefully ahead of their time, prepare future generations to live well in the world as it will be when they grow up.

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Meritocracy does not apply only to the individual. Meritocracy applies to institutions, to countries.

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The worst man is the one who sees himself as the best.

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with a Muslim majority in some 44 countries and nearly a quarter of the globe's population, it should be evident that our world cannot be made up of identical people, sharing identical goals, motivations or interpretations of the Faith. It is a world in itself, vast and varied in its aspirations and in its concerns. Is there not something intellectually uncouth about those who choose to perceive one billion people of any faith as a standardised mass?

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