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Quote - 175

Knowledge is a treasure so vast, that it is never exhausted; wisdom is a new robe that never gets worn.

Quote - 191

A man's reflection is the mirror that shows him his good and bad deeds.

Quote - 163

Whoever is not serviceable to his kind is to be counted among the dead.

Quote - 208

The West has many strengths, but prominent among them are science and democracy (with their public mechanisms for self-correction) and also private institutions, liberal economics, and a recognition of fundamental human rights.

Quote - 224

His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan IV is the first Muslim baccalaureate speaker in Brown's history and I dare to say in the history of the entire Ivy League and all American universities. He embodies the great ecumenical spirit that links the three great monotheistic religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Quote - 176

The knowledge the most useful is what one puts into practice.

Quote - 192

Act only after reflection, and all you affairs will work out well.

Quote - 164

Men are like trees; though the water with which they are watered is the same yet the fruits are not alike.

Quote - 209

The Muslim world offers deep roots in a system of values, emphasising service, charity and a sense of common responsibility, and denying what it sees to be the false dichotomy between religious and secular lives.

Quote - 225

Never before has their been so much knowledge available about so many different people. Never before have we known more about the physical world in which we live. Never before, therefore, have there been opportunities greater to make a better life for more people around the globe.

Quote - 177

By knowledge you are saved; by ignorance, lost.

Quote - 193

The stupidest man is the one who believes himself to be the most intelligent.

Quote - 165

Men are asleep: they will awake when they die.

Quote - 210

For religious education effectively to complement what children learn in secular schools, it has to be intellectually stimulating and pedagogically sound.

Quote - 226

Today in the Occident, the Muslim world is deeply misunderstood by most. The West knows little about its diversity, about the religion or the principles which unite it, about its brilliant past or its recent trajectory through history. The Muslim world is noted in the West, North America and Europe, more for the violence of certain minorities than for the peacefulness of its faith and the vast majority of its people.

Quote - 178

Seek knowledge, make yourself known by it; practise it - you will so become learned man.

Quote - 194

Neither profit nor non-profit ventures can be fully effective in serving societies unless there exists what I call an enabling environment for development.

Quote - 166

The worst man is the one who sees himself as the best.

Quote - 195

While we must pay tribute to what has been achieved in much of the Third World during our lifetimes, the locomotive has run out of steam.

Quote - 211

I am hopeful that, through interventions of this type, our youth will learn to recognize that, whilst true success must be determined largely by merit, meritocracy and competition must not be permitted to erode their traditions of compassion and care for the less fortunate -- for it is those traditions, rooted in our faith and history, that should temper the harshest consequences of free market economics

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