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There are powerful reasons that we cannot overlook, for which the West and the Muslim world must seek a better mutual understanding.

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A monarch is respected for his power; the scholar because of what he knows; the benefactor for his benfactions, and the patriarch for his age.

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Unleash human potentials and make possible a whole that is greater than the sum of the parts.

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But there is world change, and the role of the Imam of the time, amongst others, is to guide the murids to live in their time, hopefully ahead of their time, prepare future generations to live well in the world as it will be when they grow up.

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it must be made utterly clear that in so far as Islam is concerned, this violence is not a function of the Faith itself, as much as the media would have you believe. This is a misperception which has become rampant, but which should not be endowed with any validity, nor should it be accepted and given credibility. It is wrong and damaging.

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Do not hate what you do not know; for the greater part of knowledge consists of what you do not know.

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Verily, God does not change man's condition unless they change that which is in themselves.

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Meritocracy does not apply only to the individual. Meritocracy applies to institutions, to countries.

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with a Muslim majority in some 44 countries and nearly a quarter of the globe's population, it should be evident that our world cannot be made up of identical people, sharing identical goals, motivations or interpretations of the Faith. It is a world in itself, vast and varied in its aspirations and in its concerns. Is there not something intellectually uncouth about those who choose to perceive one billion people of any faith as a standardised mass?

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If you hide what you know, you will be supposed to know nothing.

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Islam is not passive. It does not admit that man's spiritual needs should be isolated from his material daily activities.

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Many centuries ago the non-Muslim world looked to the Muslim world for knowledge and intellectual leadership. And it was shared. It was shared by the Muslim world and its institutions and it was shared willingly and happily and without constraints

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From the seventh century to the thirteenth century, the Muslim civilizations dominated world culture, accepting, adopting, using and preserving all preceding study of mathematics, philosophy, medicine and astronomy, among other areas of learning. The Islamic field of thought and knowledge included and added to much of the information on which all civilisations are founded. And yet this fact is seldom acknowledged today, be it in the West or in the Muslim world, and this amnesia has left a six hundred year gap in the history of human thought.

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One questioned about a matter of which he knows not, should not blush to say: 'I do not know.'

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Centuries of poverty and despair, human conflict and division appear to be fading into the past, as new light and hope are projected onto a future which people can believe it. Yes, words do fail......"

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So the generosity is not to be seen against an expansionist economic time of wealth and prosperity. It is to be seen against the time of concern, instability and worry.

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Our cultural absence in the general knowledge of the Western world, partially explains why your media sees Islamic world and its thought as an ideological or political determinant in predominantly Muslim cultures

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In considering solutions we must recognise that there are differences between Muslim and Western outlooks on life and man's relationship to the universe.

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That knowledge is very superficial which remains only on your tongue; the intrinsic merit and value of knowledge is that you act upto it.

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Asia is, generally, a continent of hope. Country after country has been creating an enabling environment, to release the creativity and energies of its peoples.

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