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Quote - 184

That knowledge is very superficial which remains only on your tongue; the intrinsic merit and value of knowledge is that you act upto it.

Quote - 200

Asia is, generally, a continent of hope. Country after country has been creating an enabling environment, to release the creativity and energies of its peoples.

Quote - 159

The best form of devotion to the service of God is not to make a show of it.

Quote - 217

An institution dedicated to proceeding beyond known limits must be committed to independent thinking. In a university scholars engage both orthodox and unorthodox ideas, seeking truth and understanding wherever they may be found.

Quote - 169

Virtue is the key to success.

Quote - 185

The best teaching is that which corrects you.

Quote - 201

Development is ultimately about people about enabling them to participate fully in the process and to make informed choices and decisions on their futures.

Quote - 160

Prefection is not of this world.

Quote - 218

For a Muslim university it is appropriate to see learning and knowledge as a continuing acknowledgement of Allah's magnificence.

Quote - 170

A man is a believer as long as he is virtuous.

Quote - 186

A wise man needs each day an hour set apart in which to examine his conscience, and measure what he has gained or lost.

Quote - 202

To create a pluralistic, civil society, private institutions must be established that meet needs of their constituent groups. The state cannot do it all.

Quote - 161

Who lives long, will mourn his friends.

Quote - 203

The conflict between the power blocs is gone, hopefully forever. The massive imposition of dogma on human minds may also be gone forever. Henceforth, artificial constraints on human intelligence will be replaced in many lands by new horizons of hope and thought.

Quote - 219

There is the potential in the Islamic heritage to help modern societies cope with the confusions, disillusionments and moral vagaries that afflict them.

Quote - 171

There is no treasure like knowledge.

Quote - 187

God hath given His creatures nothing to place higher than reason.

Quote - 162

Each breath of a man is a step nearer to death

Quote - 204

you cannot articulate the [ismaili] Tariqah without articulating the concept of Imamat.

Quote - 220

His Royal Highness [Aga khan IV] is not only a leader of the Ismaili community but also of the entire Muslim world.

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