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We have felt that everywhere that we start an institution for health today, it is more important to give the highest standard for medicine rather than to keep the costs perhaps lower than it would be if we were to give moderately good service.

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The rapid developments in information and communication technology are of immense importance for those of us engaged in promoting positive economic, social, and cultural change. Like Jim Wolfensohn, I believe that they are also critical because development in all those dimensions is a prerequisite for world peace.

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What happens to the net disposable income of the population in an expanding economy. That is a critical issue. You can talk about GNP as long as you want. You can give me any figures you want on growth in GNP, that means nothing in relation to what is the actual effective net disposable income of the individual living within the society.

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I think that as a look ahead, one of my continuing questions is the nature pluralism. If you look around the world, today, some societies, some governments, some organizations, some people still challenge the notion of human pluralism. I think in the years ahead it's important that this notion of pluralism should be seen as much as possible everywhere as a human asset, not as a human liability.

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Never before in the history of man has there been such an age of technical progress. Only thirty years ago, it was an adventure to fly in an aeroplane. Today, there are machines that travel faster than sound.

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A university is such a complex institution that it must be fully planned and conceived in every detail before its construction begins.

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"The right to hope is the most powerful human motivation I know."

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You know in the past there has been a tendency to invest in physical assets and I think that this is beginning to change. There is a better understanding that man is an extraordinary creature, a creation, and that assisting him to become creative, productive within his national context, is the most productive thing an institution can do. And I am very happy to see institution like the World Bank are recognizing that more and more today.

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The pluralism of our world has existed for centuries. But during the cold war it was frozen. And when the cold war thawed, plurality became visible and I think that what we are learning to live with now is expressions of pluralism which in the past simply were not manifested in the same way. I think now the problem is how do you manage these expressions of pluralism?

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But wealth is not all that matters. Our religion teaches us that a spirit of humility and devotion is of first importance. You must work together with mutual forbearance and with respect for each other. Only thus shall we achieve the harmony and happiness which is necessary for the true advancement of our faith.

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Human nature does not alter very much, and nor do human needs, however strongly the winds of change may blow. The same is true of nations. The search is always for a workable ideology and rising standards of living.

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In a world characterized by interdependence and all-encompassing global "civilisation", as well as by diversity and unique individuality, shared ethical principles governing the interactions of human beings and their world are essential, if the well-being of the larger community of life, upon which all depend, is to be protected.

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When you change somebody's habitation, you change their whole style of life.

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I hope very much that we can together enhance our own indigenous cultural expressions. They're free. Export them. Export them in the English language in such a way that the world has direct access to our own expressions of culture.

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When I say education, I mean more than acquisition of knowledge, more than mere facts, figures and book work. Education is a life-long experience in which qualities such as integrity, mental discipline, humility and honesty should be formed, particularly during the early years.

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What the shape of this world will be, even the most sophisticated African has, as yet, only the haziest idea. But certainly it will be a world where the old indignities can be forgotten and the dead weight of poverty, hunger and ignorance can be lifted.

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So the economic paradise promised by unlimited, uninhibited, inescapable global free trade has proved illusory

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the industrialized world has attached a very great premium to materialism. Has there been, as a consequence to that, a dehumanization of society? Has the individual lost his sense of identity? What has been the impact on ethical standards, generally speaking? Have ethical standards fallen? These are not just questions Islam raises; these are questions that thinking people around the world are asking.

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Il y a, en Occident, une absence totale d'

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We cannot take situations, which are individual, unique, and specific in time, in history, in geography and say, "All this represents the totality of more than a billion Muslims.

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