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quote 497

I would like to say that any leader of any global community, hopes and prays for one thing – Peace. Peace in every community in every country of the world, so that men and women can live in safety, build their futures with strength and courage and hope and wisdom

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The Fatimids are remembered for drawing, pluralistically, on the widest array of talent, from all cultures, in developing a great civilization.

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The festival of Navroz is a time when we think about renewal and rejuvenation—when we welcome a new spring season in a spirit of hope and optimism.

quote 492

Government, while critical, can only take us so far. At a time of democratic disappointment, we must re-emphasise the immense potential of those non-governmental institutions that we call “civil society.”

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I believe that the progress of democracy in our world is fundamentally linked to improving the quality of human life. The promise of democracy is that the people themselves best know how to achieve such progress. But if that promise is disappointed, then democracy is endangered

quote 490

Absolutist, exclusivist, and rejectionist claims to the truth, especially to religious truth, are increasingly heard from all quarters. Rather than seeing religion as a humble process of growth in faith, some people presume to claim that they have arrived at the end of that journey and can therefore speak with near-divine authority.

quote 489

We are all aware that we live in a world where diversity is often evoked as a threat and, more particularly, where diversity in the interpretation of a faith can be seen as a sign of disloyalty. This phenomenon is sometimes perceived to apply principally to Muslims, but it also exists in other societies.

quote 489

The pluralism of our world has existed for centuries. But during the cold war it was frozen. And when the cold war thawed, plurality became visible and I think that what we are learning to live with now is expressions of pluralism which in the past simply were not manifested in the same way

quote 488

I think that one has to be realistic about young countries. That young countries, like young children, like young societies, don't always get everything right. And I find it somewhat unkind to imply that Pakistan is the only country in the world where its attempts at put ting in place the function of democracy have failed.

quote 487

Elections and the existence of political parties do not by themselves guarantee stable governments, competent political leadership and respect for the constitution. Nor do they guarantee good economic management and the absence of corruption.

quote 486

Sometimes I read that Islam is in conflict with democracy. Yet I must tell you that as a Muslim, I am a democrat not because of Greek or French thought, but primarily because of principles that go back 1400 years, directly after the death of Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). At that time, Muslims debated how best to implement the premises he had established for being qualified for leadership

quote 485

Democracy is fragile. It is susceptible to failure at any time, in any society. The experience of Europe in the last fifty years should also be a sobering reminder of another unfortunate truism. Elections and the existence of political parties do not by themselves guarantee stable governments, competent political leadership and respect for the constitution

quote 484

And I am only one individual, but I hope that there will be thousands of other people who will join me in recognising that we have to be proud, we have to be illustrative, we have to articulate the greatness of our histories. And within that greatness, Syria has a unique position

quote 483

This new discourse, as wide as it has become, has had a continuing, common premise, a conviction that architecture has a capacity to transform the quality of human existence. More than that, we believed that our Quranic heritage gave us the responsibility, as good stewards of the Divine creation, to shape and reshape our earthly environment in the service of humankind.


One risk of decentralization is that it can place more decision-making power into the hands of communities that have had less access to education and governing experience, and less exposure to national and global issues.
Perhaps this is why, in some cases, the trend has been to consolidate governing authority - such as in Afghanistan

quote 481

The true sign of maturity and excellence in a university is its ability to contribute to the knowledge of mankind, in its own society and beyond. It is equally essential that its faculty be challenged, as a matter of university policy, to expand the boundaries of human knowledge

quote 480

It is especially at times when ignorance, conflict and apprehension, are so rife, that universities, in both the Muslim world and in the West, have a greater obligation to promote intellectual openness and tolerance

quote 479

The feelings of the subordination of people – that they are victims of an economic or cultural globalization in which they cannot be full partners but from which they cannot remain apart – these feelings fuel some of the most potent, destructive forces at play in our world today

quote 478

The poor die because they cannot afford to buy grain (which they themselves may or may not have grown) at the prices that meat growers are prepared to pay; and the rich die because of over-consumption

quote 477

The crisis of hunger is played out in a world that has more food than it knows what to do with

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