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Hasan Pir

During the time of our 44th Holy Imam Shah Abul Hasanali, Sayyed "Hasan Pir" was appointed by the Imam's Talika to propogate the Ismaili faith in Gujerat. Even though Hasan Pir was not appointed as Pir by the Imam, he was granted the blessings of the Imam to spread the Ismaili Dawat in India in the Gujerat area. Hasan Pir moved the Ismailis from Gujerat to Junagadh's Pipariya town. These Ismailis projected the appearance of momins and they had accepted Imam Abul Hasanali as the Hazar Imam upon the guidance of Hasan Pir.

Our 44th Pir Bibi Sarkar Maryam Khatun Mata Salamat

Our 44th Holy Pir Bibi Sarkar Mata Salamat was born in Mahellat in Iran in 1157 A.H. She was the daughter of Pir Mirza Muhammad Baqir who was the maternal uncle of Imam Khalilullah Ali (the 2nd). Pir Bibi Sarkar married Imam Khalilullah Ali and became the mother of the next Imam Aga Hassanali Shah (Aga Khan !). Pir Bibi Sarkar (also known by her name of Maryam Khatoon) was sent by Imam Hassanali Shah to Jherruck accompanied by Mirza Abul Kassim in 1825.

Mowlana Sultan Muhammad Shah challenges King Wilhelm II of Prussia

in 1911 (A.H. 1323) the German Crown Prince King Wilhelm visited India and proudly said to our 48th Imam Aga Sultan Muhammad Shah during a billiards game that German forces would fight against the British forces and that what would you and the Indian rulers do to stop it? Mowlana Sultan Muhammad Shah immediately replied with confidence that "We will fight against the German forces and our armies will invade Germany" Hearing this, King Wilhelm was stunned and fell silent. (Noorum Mubeen)

Golden Jubilee of Mowlana Sultan Muhammad 1936-01-19

The Golden Jubilee celebrations of our 48th Holy Imam Shah Sultan Muhammad Shah were brought forward by two days to Sunday 19th January 1936 instead of 21st January as planned before due to the news of the ill-health of King George of England. The weighing ceremony was held at Hasanabad complex in Bombay named after our 46th Imam Aga Hasan Ali Shah. An estimated 40,000 people attended this golden weighing ceremony

Our 23rd Holy Pir Shams

Our 23rd Holy Pir Shams was born in Subzwar, Iran. His father was Hazrat Pir Sahebdin and mother's name was Fatima binte Sayyed Abdul Hadi. Our 29th Imam Kassim Shah appointed Pir Shams to propagate (Dawat) the Ismaili faith outside Iran. Pir Shams reached Badakshan, Ghazni, Kashmir and many other places in Hindustan. Pir Shams was also known as Pir Shams Subzwar because he spent part of his life in that place. In Ginans he has also been called Pir Shams Chot (because he had long hair which he tied as chotli). Pir Shams composed many ginans and granths.

The Five Fundamental Principles of Ismailism

The 5 fundamental principles of Ismailism are: TAWHID - The Oneness of Allah or the Unity of God. ADL - Justice i.e we are rewarded for the good we do and pay back for the evil we do. RASALAT - Prophethood. God has sent His Prophets to all peoples to guide them. IMAMAT - the institution of Divine Guidance through which mankind can achieve ultimate salvation. QIYAMAT - the Day of Judgement or the Great Day when good and evil deeds of mankind will be weighed

Maulana Sultan Muhammad Shah visited an Ismaili business in Poona

Maulana Sultan Muhammad Shah inspecting Ismailia Cheap Grain Stores in Poona  1945-12-15

Maulana Sultan Muhammad Shah visited the Ismailia Cheap Grain Stores in Poona on 15th December 1945. The owner was Mr. Yakubali Sulaiman. This store was a boon to the Ismailis of Poona

Aga Khan Legion


The Aga Khan Legion was established in December 15, 1940. About 50 leaders gathered for the purpose of Diamond Jubilee projects in which Prince Aly Khan had presided. Valiahad Prince Aly Khan told the gathering that he had found great happiness in this founding of the Aga Khan Legion. He said that even though the Ismaili community was small in comparison to other communities, through its sense of brotherhood and unity and good organisation it would be able to achieve great objectives.

Our 26th Holy Pir Sadardin

Our 26th Holy Pir Sadardin was born in Sabzwar in Iran on the 2nd day of Rabi-ul-Awal in A.H. 700 (A.D. 100). He passed away in Oochh, India on the 12th day of Rajab A.H. 819 (A.D. 1416). He was also known by his ancestral name of Muhammad and also as 'Baargur', 'Sohodev', 'Harischandra', Haji Sadarshah' and 'Sadrudin'. Pir Sadardin was the great,great grandson of Pir Shams. Pir Sadardin at a very early age traveled from Khorasan with Pir Shams to Hindustan where he acquired a very deep understanding of the Hindu faith.

Pir Shams

Our 23rd Holy Pir Shams Sabzwari was born in A.H 642 (A.D. 1244) in Sabzwar, Iran and he passed in Hindustan in A.H. 757 (A.D. 1356) . His mother's name was Fatimah binte Sayyed Abdul Hadi . Pir Shams married his maternal uncle Sayyed Jalaudin's daughter Bibi Hafiza Jamal. They had two sons Sayyed Nasirudin and Sayyed Ahmed Jamal. Pir Shams' ancestors had migrated from Iraq to Iran where they entered to the Holy Imam's service.

Bibi Fatima Tasbih at Chandrat

In observing Chandraat, rememer the significance of the Bibi Fatima tasbih.

One day Hazrat Bibi Fatima asked her father, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon them and their progeny), if she could have a maidservant to help her, as her duties were onerous.

Prophet Muhammed replied: “O Fatima! I have granted you something that is superior to a maidservant and to the world and everything in it.”

He then bestowed her with the tasbih which today bears her name. The Prophet told his daughter to recite:
Allahu Akbar,

Pir Abul Hasan Shah

Our 48th Pir Abul Hasan Shah passed away at the age of only six months. He was the son of our 47th Pir Khalillulah (known also as Pir Shahbudin Shah). The year was 1885 and that year witnessed also the wafat of our 47th Imam Ali Shah Datar and the passing away of his sons Pir Shahbudin Shah and Nurshah.

Wafat of our 47th Imam Aqa Ali Shah

Our 47th Holy Imam Aqa Ali Shah Datar passed away after an Imamat of just 4 years in 1885 in Pune on Monday August 17th at 5:30 PM at His bungalow. His body was brought to Bombay by a special train and it remained at Hasanabad for 64 days before being finally sent to Kerbala, Iraq for its final resting place

Imam Aqa Alishah Datar

Our 47th Holy Imam Aqa Ali Shah was first married first to a Princess from an Iraqi Royal family whose name was Maryam Sultan. She bore two sons who were Pir Shahbudin and Nurshah. Pir Shahbudin was our 47th Pir and mentioned in our Old Dua as Pir Khalillulah. Imam Aqa Ali Shah's second wife was from a high ranking Shirazi family whom he married in Bombay. She had no children before passing away soon after.

Family of Aqa Hassanali Shah Aga Khan 1

Our 46th Holy Imam Hassanali Shah had 10 children - 4 sons named Imam Aqa Alyshah, Jangishah, Jalalshah and Akbarshah. His 6 daughters were named Bibi Saheba, Bibi Homa, Bibi Gawhar, Bibi Tajmah, Bibi Maleka and Bibi Shujaa

Our 46th Holy Imam Aqa Shah Hassan Ali Shah

Our 46th Holy Imam Aqa Hassan Ali Shah Muhammad Hussein Al-Husseni, also known as "Mahellati" was born in A.H. 1219 in Mahellat in Iran. Also known as Aga Khan I, he ascended to the Masnad of Imamat in 1233 A.H. He was the Hakim of Kerman and the ruler of Mahellat.. In 1818 he was bestowed with the hereditary title of Aga Khan by the Shah of Persia - Fath Ali Shah. Aga Hassan Ali was on the throne of Imamat for 61 years and was the 3rd Imam to celebrate a Diamond Jubilee as Imam.. Imam Aqa Hassan Ali's Wafat occurred on April 12, 1881 at 9:45 PM

Our 46th Holy Imam Aqa Shah Hassan Ali Shah

Our 46th Imam Aqa Hassan Ali Shah - also known as Muhammad Husayn al-Husayni Mahelatti - was born in A.H. 1219 in Mahelat in Iran. He was the first Imam to use the title of Aga Khan which was given to him by the Qajar King Fateh Ali Shah. It is recorded in history that Imam Hassan Ali Shah was only ten years old at the time. Shah Fateh Ali Shah also gave his daughter in marriage to the Imam and named him as the ruler of Kerman. Imam Hassan Ali was also the third Imam in history to celebrate Diamond Jubilee on the throne of Imamat. Imam Hassan Ali Shah reigned on the Masnad of Imamat from A.H.

Our 46th Holy Imam Hazrat Mowlana Imam Aqa Shah Hassan Ali Shah

Our 46th Imam Aqa Shah Hassan Ali Shah "Mahelatti" was born in Mahelat, Iran in 1219 A.H. He ascended to the Masnad of Imamat in 1233 A.H. and adopted the title of Aga Khan and was also known as Hussein al-Husseni. He ruled in the district of Kerman, Iran as Hakim. In 1237 A.H. or 1826 A.D. a certain person Habib Ibrahim formed a group which opposed the giving of Dasond to the Holy Imam. Imam Hasan Ali Shah sent his mother Pir Bibi Sarkar Mata Salamat Maryam Khatoon to Bombay with Mirza Abul Kassim.

Our 45th Holy Imam Hazrat Mowlana Imam Khalilullah Ali II

Mowlana Khalilullah Ali II was born in Kerman in Iran in 1153 A.H. At the age of two, he went with his father Imam Abul Hassanali to reside in 'Mahellat'. In 1157 A.H. his uncle Hazrat Pir Mirza Muhammad Baqir - our 43rd Holy Pir - had a daughter named Pir Bibi Sarkar Mata Salamat. She became later our 44th Holy Pir and the mother of our 46th Holy Imam Aga Hassanali Shah. Imam Khalilullah ascended to the Masnad of Imamat in 1194 A.H. and reigned until 1233 A.H.

Our 44th Holy Imam Abul Hassan Ali

Our 44th Holy Imam Abul Hassan Ali reigned on the Masnad of Imamat from A.H. 1143 to 1194. Imam Abul Hassan Ali took an active part in the governance of Iran at a time when the Safavi dynasty had come to an end and the new ruler Nadir Shah had taken over control. According to "Gulzar-e-Shamsh" Imam Abul Hassan Ali was born in Babak in Iran and was also known as Sayyed Shah Muhammad Hassanshah Hassanbeg. He lived in Kiyab, Iran and from there he arrived in Hindustan with Nadir Shah who also made Imam the ruler of Kerman district in Iran.

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