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ANANT AKHADO for Mushkil Assan

ANANT AKHADO: For Mushkil Assan and removal of calamities, it is customary to read and complete the Anant Akhado in 40 days. Read 100 verses here every week to complete the recitation and translation of Anant Akhado in 6 weeks.

Did you Know - 40

Three times Dua was compulsory even before Pir Sadardin wrote his Asal Dua. Pir Shams mentions the 3 times Dua in his work named Chaoud Ratan written long before Pir Sadardin's time.

Did you Know - 8

Abul Haytham Gorgani wrote wrote the famous "Ismaili Qasida" which replies to questions about Creation, and which was commented on by two well-known da

Did you Know - 24

As early as 762 A.D., Imam Jaffar as-Sadiq had sent 2 Dais in Maghreb in order to prepare for the arrival of Imam al-Mehdi. Their names were Dai Halwani and Dai Abu Sufiyan.

Did you Know - 9

Qadi a-Numan, Ismaili jurist served the first 4 fatimid Caliphs of Egypt. He became very famous in the Muslim world. He is also the author of many legal and religious books, i.e. "Daim al-Islam" and "Asas al-Tawil".

Did you Know - 25

Dai Abu Abdullah as-Shii prepared the arrival of Imam al-Mehdi in Northern Africa with the help of the Kutama Tribe and the Fatimid Empire was born on 15 January 910 in Raqquada.

Did you Know - 10

Pir Sadardin, son of Pir Sahibdin, founded approximately 70 Jamat Khanas in Sind. He founded the first Jamat Khana in Kotara.

Did you Know - 26

Al-Mehdiya, a town founded by Imam al-Mehdi in North Africa still exists at the present time [2003 A.D.]

Did you Know - 11

Pir Sadardin composed the previous Du'a, which was recited by Ismailis during several centuries, was very long and took almost half an hour to be recited. His "Gat Paj ji Dua" allso summarized the story of Creation.

Did you Know - 27

Imam al-Hakim bi-Amrillah founded a mosque which became an international center of learning named Dar al-Hikmat, in Cairo. Its library contained 2 million books. The Imam's personal library was composed of 40 rooms each one containing 18,000 books.

Did you Know - 12

Pir Nasiruddin's father, Pir Shams, was very fond of travels. He had established 84 Jamat Khanas in China. [Source: Man Samjani, Chap. 266, v.15]

Did you Know - 28

Yaqub ibn Killis was the first to receive the title of Vizir by Imam al-Aziz., and the first one to appoint permanent teachers at al-Azhar. He also was a great da

Did you Know - 13

Pir Shams wrote a long treatise named Man Samjani, it contained 10,000 verses divided in 500 chapters of 20 verses each. Unfortunately the last 80 pages were missing in the only manuscript found therefore the first published version in Khojki contained only 401 chapters of 20 verses for a total of 8020 verses.

Did you Know - 29

The Ismaili New Year, Navroz, is celebrated each year the first day of Spring, on March 21st. From a spiritual point of view, it represents the resurrection of the soul. During the time of the first 8 Fatimid Caliphs, this day was a national holiday in North Africa. There were huge processions in Cairo on that day.

Did you Know - 14

The Great Resurrection (Qiyamat al-Qiyamat) by Mowlana Alazikrihis-Salaam was the proclamation of a purely spiritual religion at Alam

Did you Know - 30

Mowlana al-Aziz. had a private librarian named Al-Shabushti. Imam's library contained 200,000 rare manuscripts and an equal number of manuscripts could be found at el-Azhar. There were also 2,400 illuminated manuscripts on the Quran.

Did you Know - 15

The Medical Canon written by the Ismaili philosopher and doctor Ibn Sina [Avicenna] at the time of the Fatimids was used as a medical reference book for several centuries in Europe. It described many symptoms of known and lesser known diseases like cancer.

Did you Know - 31

The Sumra dynasty, an ismaili dynasty ruled for more than 300 years in India, from 443 AH to 752 AH.

Did you Know - 16

Hazrat Ali had two well-known sons. One of them, Hazrat Hussein inherited the Imamat from his father, and the other, Hazrat Hassan, received the Piratan.

Did you Know - 32

The Druze movement was born at the death of Imam al-Hakim bi-Amrillah. They considered Imam al-Hakim as the 10th and last Divine Manifestation on earth. According to them, Imam al-Hakim has simply disappeared and will come back as the Messiah. We can find a good many of them settled today in Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and in some other regions like Iraq.

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