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Copyright Lawsuit: CROSS_EXAMINATIONS Table of Contents - for case allegedly by Aga Khan - 2010-09-04

Heritage News

Here is a detailed table of contents of the cross-examinations for the Motions for Summary Judgement in the Copyright Lawsuit allegedly filed by the Aga Khan. We tried to include everyone's burning questions.

Are Farmans to be followed?

Bujagali power project on course - 2010-08-31


On August 21, 2007 President Yoweri Museveni and the Aga Khan, Prince Karim al-Hussaini, the spiritual leader of the Ismaili Muslims, laid the foundation stone for the Bujagali hydropower dam on the River Nile in a show of commitment to address Uganda’s energy deficit.

The 250 MW project, co-financed by the World Bank Group, is a major component of Uganda’s answer to the electricity supply gap that in recent years has made rolling blackouts a daily reality for Uganda’s residents, businesses and services.

Former Getty Director Michael Brand Heads to Aga Khan Museum - 2010-08-23

InView Blog at Artinfo - blogs.artinfo.com/inview

TORONTO. Michael Brand, the former J. Paul Getty Museum director who stepped down at the Los Angeles institution earlier this year, has been appointed to a consultancy post at the Aga Khan Development Network, a global Islamic charitable foundation that is currently building an Aga Khan Museum in Toronto. According to sources with knowledge of the hire, the position places Brand — an expert in Asian art — in line to assume the directorship of the Islamic art and culture museum when it opens in a Fumihiko Maki-designed building in 2013.

Discovery Request by Defendants Will Demonstrate That Imam is Not the Real Plaintiff - Copyright Lawsuit - 2010-07-31

Heritage News

Request by the Defendants for Discovery Would Help the Plaintiff Win

The Plaintiff's Lawyer, Mr. Gray informed the Defendants that he advised the Imam NOT to attend for Discovery, which prompted the Defendants to question, why would counsel advise against a five-minute meeting to end the case and instead continue toward 10 or more full days' worth of legal proceedings other than to earn excess fees... Hence the bringing of the Motion by the Defendants to stay all cross-examinations until it can be confirmed if the Imam is really behind the litigation.

Copyright Lawsuit: Read the EXHIBITS in Defendants' Motion Here - 2010-06-24

Heritage News

Supplementary Affidavit of Nagib Tajdin sworn June 16, 2010
Exhibit A - letter from Nagib Tajdin to the Aga Khan dated January 4, 2010.pdf

Letter humbly written by Nagib Tajdin to the Aga Khan submitting Mehmani, Nazrana, and asking for guidance and asking for sincere forgiveness.

Copyright Lawsuit: Read the AFFIDAVITS in Defendants' Motion Here - 2010-06-24

Heritage News

Attached are the Affidavits submitted by defendants Alnaz Jiwa and Nagib Tajdin on June 21, 2010 in support of a motion for summary judgement to dismiss the case.

03-Affidavit of Karim Alibhay sworn April 28, 2010.pdf

Copyright Lawsuit: Read the MOTION for Dismissal by Defendants Here - 2010-06-24

Heritage News

Attached are the motion materials submitted by defendants Alnaz Jiwa and Nagib Tajdin on June 21, 2010.

01-Notice of Motion of Alnaz Jiwa dated June 16, 2010.pdf

Copyright Lawsuit Motion for Dismissal: ANOTHER DELAY TACTIC - 2010-06-24

Heritage News

The Plaintiff's lawyer at Ogilvy Renault has asked the defendants to allow their Motion to be postponed so that the Plaintiff can have the time to file their own motion for summary judgment and both motions can be then heard at the same time. The defendants have said a categorical “no!” to this new attempt to delay the proceedings.

Copyright Lawsuit: Expert says Notarized Affirmation is a FAKE! - 2010-06-22

Heritage News

Breaking their silence of more than a month following the wide circulation of the Notarized Affirmation purported to have been signed in Boston by H.H. the Aga Khan, Defendants have disclosed their findings that the Affirmation is fake and they have therefore swiftly filed a Motion for Summary Judgment to be heard on July 12th 2010 at the Federal Court of Canada. The Motion says: "The activities complained of are not infringing the rights of the Aga Khan, who it appears from the forged signatures, has not authorized this action.

Award for Aga Khan programmes AKPBS and WASEP - 2010-06-07


Islamabad: Due to its sustainable initiatives to improve living conditions of more than 200 villages in Pakistan, the Aga Khan Planning and Building Service Pakistan’s (AKPBS-P) Water and Sanitation Extension Programme (WASEP) was recently awarded with the National Energy Globe Award.

The award is conferred in a grand ceremony organised on the United Nation UN World Environment Day in Kigali, Rwanda, as WASEP was able to outshine more than 800 entries from 111 countries. WASEP was also short-listed as one of the top three projects in the prestigious Water Category Award.

Visit of His Highness Prince Aga Khan to Atlanta - 2008-04-17

Sandy Springs, Georgia

On Thursday, April 17, 2008 Atlanta will welcome His Highness Prince Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of 15 million Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims. The Aga Khan, at the invitation of Governor Purdue, will visit Atlanta as a part of four city visit he is undertaking to celebrate his Golden Jubilee, the 50th year as the Imam. He will be in Atlanta for three days following his visits to San Antonio, Los Angeles and Chicago. His visit will witness the gathering of over 25,000 of his followers from over 30 countries.

Aga Khan centre in King's Cross Railway Lands talks - 2010-06-03


AN Islamic centre bankrolled by one of the world’s richest men has become the latest potential tenant to show interest in taking up some of the empty space at the King’s Cross Railway Lands development.

The Aga Khan, the hereditary leader of a branch of Muslim worshippers, funds a university and cultural centre based on the Euston Road.

Museum a fitting tribute - 2010-05-29


A simple, exquisite jewel

The coming of the Aga Khan Islamic Art Museum and an Ismaili Centre in Toronto is a fitting tribute not just to this great city but to Canada — beacon of hope to the world.

Correa to design Islamic centre in Canada - 2010-06-01

1998 - Award for Architecture- Correa.jpg
Rediff news

Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of the Ismaili Muslims has committed to build a poject in Toronto that will showcase the progressive side of Islamic culture to the people.The centre is supposed to built at Eglinton Avenue and Wynford Drive, a part of the city best known for its dreary anonymity.

Mumbai based architect Charles Correa, has been roped in to design the complex.

The intention, is to show the "plurality of Islam," something which North Americans could always be reminded of, said the Aga Khan.

Globe and mail Front Page: Canada's Moment to Lead - 2010-05-29

2010-05-29 - globe_and_mail_front_page_saturday.JPG
Globe and Mail

Attached PDF of the News Clipping

Aga Khan visits Toronto - 2010-06-02

2010-05-28- Toronto - Aga Khan and Harper 17.jpg
South Asian Focus

Prime Minister Stephen Harper last week conferred honorary citizenship on the Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of the Shia Ismaili Muslim community.

The Aga Khan was in the city last week to mark the groundbreaking for the first museum of Islamic art and culture in North America, an Ismaili centre and park.

There are more than 30,000 Ismailis in Toronto alone.

Aga Khan 'in King's Cross talks' - 2010-06-01


People looking for property to rent in London may be interested in the possibility of a new educational facility at a multi-use development opening in Central London.

According to Property Week, the Aga Khan, the hereditary leader of the largest group of Ismaili followers of the Shia faith, is in talks with King's Cross Central is finalising details for opening an Ismaili studies and cultural affairs centre at one of its premises.

Aga Khan plots London return after embarrassing snub - 2010-05-29


The Aga Khan hopes to build an Islamic cultural 'hub' in London.

The Aga Khan suffered a humiliating defeat in 2002 when his plans to build a museum of Islamic art on one of London's most desirable sites were thrown out, even though his £24 million bid was twice the size of any other.

The racehorse breeder and spiritual leader to more than four million Ismaili Muslims was said to have been furious with what he saw as unfair and xenophobic treatment of his philanthropy, and signalled that would turn his back on this country.

Aga Khan Institute for King's Cross - 2010-05-28


The Aga Khan IV is in advanced talks to create a centre for Ismaili studies and cultural affairs at London's £4bn King's Cross scheme.

It is thought that the Aga Khan Foundation and King’s Cross Central — the joint venture between Argent, London & Continental Railways and landowner DHL-Exel - are finalising details of an agreement to develop the proposed centre at the 67 acre site.

Canada bestows honorary citizenship upon the Aga Khan - 2010-05-28

2010-05-28- Toronto - Aga Khan and Harper 01.jpg
Press Trust of India

Toronto, May 29 (PTI) Canada has bestowed honorary citizenship upon the Aga Khan, spiritual leader of around 20 million Muslims worldwide.

The Aga Khan was in Toronto to launch a USD 285-million cultural centre for Ismaili Muslims and the Aga Khan Museum for Islamic Art and Culture.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper conferred the honours on the spiritual leader, saying that the centre and museum will represent the country's pluralism and cultural diversity.

The Aga Khan is the spiritual leader of Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims, a branch of Shia Islam.

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