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Vom Star geknipst - Die Begum und die gute Tat Inaara Aga Khan l

Berlin Online

Es war schon ein ganzes Stück nach Mitternacht, als Bryan Adams Sabine Christiansen zum Geburtstag gratulierte. Und natürlich war das einer der emotionalen Momente bei der Gala

The European Commission has approved a grant for EUR 25.5 approximately US $ 23 million) to help the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) address rural poverty in central-west India over the next ten years - EUROPEAN COMMISSION AWARDS LARGEST GRANT EV

European Commission Awards Largest Grant Ever Made to Aga Khan FoundationTen year grant will focus on enterprise development for the rural poor in India
Geneva, Switzerland, 6 December 2001 The European Commission has approved a grant for EUR 25.5 (approximately US $ 23 million) to help the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) address rural poverty in central-west India over the next ten years.

White death' endures in the lands of Central Asia - <I>WHITE DEATH' ENDURES IN THE LANDS OF CENTRAL ASIA - 2002-07-20

www.dawn.com/2002/07/20/int14.htm Dawn/Gemini News Service

American authorities predicted a sharp decrease in drug trafficking after the eradication of Afghanistan's Taliban regime - known to feed its activities by selling opiates abroad. But its northern neighbour, Tajikistan, knows better.
Months after the ouster of the hardline Afghan regime, trafficking in heroin - dubbed 'white death' in Tajikistan - is far from eradicated.

'We evaluate that there has been a 13 to 15 per cent increase in drug trafficking since the beginning of the US intervention in Afghanistan,' said Abai Iugochev, head of press relations for the Tajik Drug Control Agency.

The World in Houston - ISMAILI EMPOWER WOMEN - 2004-04-19


There's the stereotype of the Muslim woman -- silent and withdrawn behind her veil, obsequious when called upon, unable to think for herself, much less drive a car.
And then there's Shabnam Lutafali. Besides being a devout Muslim, the Pakistan native is a doctor of economics and a professor at the University of Houston-Downtown. She also serves as the president of the Southwest regional board for the Ismaili Muslims, followers of the Aga Khan.

Like most Ismailis, Lutafali believes that being Muslim and being a competent, active woman are not mutually exclusive.

with Opening of 5-star Kabul Serena Hotel - AFGHANISTAN OPENS LUXURIOUS SERENA HOTEL - 2005-11-08


President KarzaiYour Excellencies
Distinguished Guests
Ladies and Gentlemen

It is my immense happiness and privilege to welcome you all as we celebrate the inauguration of one of Kabul's restored landmarks. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those professionals, architects, construction trades, staff and volunteers who have worked so hard, under so many constraints, to build this hotel and prepare it for today's opening.

Tree plantation for Name Facility donors only. - AGA KHAN SPEAKS ON EDUCATION at AKU CONVOCATION 2003 - 2003-12-06

Detailed Schedule of Programme(a) Thursday Dec 04, 2003 at 3.30 pm: Tree plantation for Name Facility donors only.
(b) Friday Dec 05, 2003: Dinner at Hotel Marriott (Pool side) at 8:30 pm (by invitation) in honour of visiting donors and their gussets who are attending the Convocation or any other donor events at Karachi. This is as per eligibility criteria applied for Convocation and/or donor events. The dinner is being hosted bythe AKU Resource Development Committee for Pakistan (Ismaili).

World media executives meet to bolster Africa's image - AGA KHAN AND WRITER SOYINKA TO GIVE KEYNOTE SPEECHES - 2005-05-20


World media executives and political leaders are streaming in Nairobi ahead of a four-day International Press Institute (IPI) Summit to begin Sunday to discuss Africa's image problems and governance. The conference is to be addressed by key African political leaders and media luminaries, among them Rwandan President Paul Kagame, Kenya President Mwai Kibaki and Nobel literature Laureate Wole Soyinka. It will tackle modalities of improving the practice of journalism and safeguarding the freedom of the press in Africa and the world, organizers said.



Le Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan etait un veritable homme d'Etat declare le Secretaire generalOn trouvera ci-après le texte de l'allocution prononcée par le Secrétaire général, Kofi Annan, à la cérémonie d'hommage à la mémoire du Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan, le 28 octobre:

Yo-Yo Ma: The road runs smooth as silk - YO-YO MA: THE ROAD RUN SMOOTH AS SILK - 2003-05-26

enjoyment.independent.co.uk/music/interviews/story.jsp?story=409784 The Independent

Yo-Yo Ma was fascinated by the wealth of music along what was once the Silk Road. So the cellist conceived a plan to weave together the multifarious threads, as he explains to Michael Church

UK-based trust awards $0.5m grant to AKU - UK-BASED TRUST AWARDS $0.5m GRANT TO AKU - 2003-10-04


The UK-based Welcome Trust Foundation has awarded $500,000 research grant to Aga Khan University (AKU) for a study on high blood pressure, designed by Dr Tazeen Jafar, an assistant professor, and her colleagues at university's Department of Medicine.
The Trust is widely known for its high profile in the best academic and research circles throughout the world, and for funding only scientifically robust and internationally competitive research projects. 'It is indeed a great source of pride for the AKU to be recognised as a genuine research university on the international stage,' said Dr Jafar.

Renovation of Mopti Mosque by Aga Khan Trustfor Culture Completes First Phase - AU COEUR DE LA RESTAURATION DE LA GRANDE MOSQUEE DE MOPTI - 2005-05-04


During his recent visit to Mali, the Aga Khan reviewed restoration efforts undertaken on Mopti's Grand Mosque by the Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC). The mosque, an earthen structure built in the traditional Sudanese style between 1936 and 1943 on the site of an earlier mosque dating from 1908, was at serious risk of collapse until the Aga Khan Trust for Culture commenced restoration work. It is expected to be fully restored by 2006. 'Mopti's mosque is an outstanding example of the traditional Muslim architecture of the Sahel,' said the Aga Khan.

UN conference in Central Asia to focus on water - AGA KHAN AT THE INTERNATIONAL FRESH WATER FORUM - 2003-08-29


Delegates from Canada, Lebanon, Turkey, Iran, the United States and Malaysia were due to gather for the Dushanbe International Water Forum to discuss problems as diverse as flooding, desertification and water-borne disease.
But it is unclear how much the conference will accomplish, since several of Tajikistan's neighbors who face grave water-related problems are not sending high-level government officials to the event.


http://www.akdn.org/news/2005June25.html AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF BEIRUT

(Please see the Aga Khan's Remarks and the American University of Beirut website)His Highness the Aga Khan, Imam (spiritual leader) of the Ismaili Muslims and founder of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), was today conferred an Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters, by the American University of Beirut.In its citation, the University praised the Aga Khan as 'an avid philanthropist standing at the head of a network of service institutions focused on the have-nots of the world, Muslim and non-Muslim alike.'In his acceptance remarks, the Aga Khan praised the American University of Beirut for

Une nouvelle compagnie au Mali - AGA KHAN FUND AND MALI JOIN FOR NEW AIRLINE - 2005-02-18


Une nouvelle compagnie aérienne est née au Mali. Fruit d'un partenariat entre le gouvernement du Mali et le Fonds Aga Khan pour le développement économique, cette compagnie renforcera le secteur du transport aérien commercial en Afrique de l'Ouest.

Policies Needed to Win Over Investors - POLICIES NEEDED TO WIN OVER INVESTORS - 2004-05-07

/allafrica.com/stories/200405070105.html The Nation

Poor infrastructure increases the cost of doing business, thereby ceding advantage to established markets.
Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED) director, Anwar Poonawala, told an international conference organised by World Bank affiliate, International Finance Corporation (IFC), and the Financial Times of London that policy makers need to make their economies receptive to private sector participation.

The Aga Khan Fund for Economic Development (AKFED) has a network of more than 90 separate companies which have employed over 35,000 people.

Re: Simon O'Hagan's 'The Aga Khan: A Near Myth' - AGA KHAN PROPOSAL A BOON FOR TORONTO - 2002-10-10


From the finest racehorses to the devotion of 15 million followers, he is used to every privilege and defers to nobody. But it's not necessarily a recipe for contentment and, when his plans are thwarted, there is always a price to pay
Nobody likes to be rejected, but when you are a billionaire spiritual leader unused to having people stand in your way, the consequences tend to be dramatic. Such is the case with the Aga Khan, who for the second time in 13 years has reacted to a perceived slight by turning his back on Britain and looking elsewhere for a welcome.

Portugal Gives Aga Khan Foundation Euro 1 Million to Alleviate Rural Poverty in Mozambique - PORTUGAL GIVES AGA KHAN EURO 1 MILLION TO ALLEVIATE RURAL POVERTY IN MOZAMBIQUE - 2001-12-14

The Portuguese Agency for Development (Agência Portuguesa para o Apoio ao Desenvolvimento) (APAD) has approved a grant of one million Euros for a long-term rural development programme launched by the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) and aimed at some 120,000 people in Mozambique's northernmost province of Cabo Delgado.The North Coast Rural Support Programme (NCRSP), initiated by the Aga Khan Foundation (Portugal) last year, seeks to improve the lives of the rural communities in a sustainable and equitable manner by reinforcing their capacity to plan and manage their social and economic developm

Restoration complete, Humayun's Tomb blooms again - AGA KHAN SAYS HERITAGE IS AT RISK AFTER DESTRUCTION OF CULTURAL TREASURES - 2003-04-16


FOR the first time in 400 years, water channels in the 16th Century Humayun's Tomb were today reactivated to facilitate the water harvesting system in the tomb, making it the largest heritage site in India to have such a system.
The Tomb is also the only site to have a water harvesting system that covers two acres of constructed area and 30 acres of the entire site.



As twilight descended over the city on Tuesday, it saw the dawn of a bygone era at Humayun's Tomb as the Aga Khan unveiled the restored gardens of the monument with water flowing in its many fountains. Visitors were taken back in time to the 1560s, when the mausoleum was completed.
The restoration project, for which the Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC) had given US $6,50,000, tried to erase the colonial character the tomb's Moghul gardens had ''wrongly'' acquired over the past decades.

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