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Fashion Wire Daily - FUR LOVE TO FUR SHAME - 2003-10-17


Fur Love to Fur Shame: Change of Heart for a PrincessFashion Wire Daily October 17, 2003 - Paris -On Tuesday night, Le Bar du Plaza Athenée on Avenue Montaigne -- Paris toniest shopping street currently dripping in ultra-expensive winter pelts -- bore witness to a rather unusual event, as it hosted an award ceremony for a competition to produce anti-fur advertising, put on by The Fur Free Alliance.



While attending the Berlin International Conference for Afghanistan, Minister Carroll met with the Aga Khan, Head of the Aga Khan Development Network. CIDA and the Aga Khan Foundation are partners in a variety of projects in Asia and Africa.

Press Release w/photo - PARTNERSHIP AGREEMENT SIGNED - 2004-09-07


Berlin, Germany, 7 September, 2004 - 'Global stability will only be realised if poverty, hunger and injustice are overcome,' stated German Federal Minister for Economic and Cooperation and Development Heidemarie Wieczorek-Zeul on the occasion of the signing today of a Memorandum of Understanding with His Highness the Aga Khan. The aim of this agreement is the deepening of cooperation between the BMZ and the Aga Khan Development Network, particularly in crisis prone-countries of Asia and sub-Saharan Africa.

Varsity Team Set for Talks in Mombasa - VARSITY TEAM SET FOR TALKS IN MOMBASA - 2004-07-19


Members of the Aga Khan University (AKU) board of trustees have started arriving in Kenya for the board's second meeting this year, to be held in Mombasa from today until Sunday.
The focus will be a review of the university's medical and education programmes in East Africa, which now has more than 500 students.

The team will also meet top government officials in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.

AKU has established a permanent presence in the three countries and has plans to become a major partner with the governments in meeting development goals.

Aga Khan Urges 'Rediscovery' of Timbuktu and DjennePoverty alleviation and cultural revitalisation can be linked through focused investment - H.H. THE AGA KHAN IN MALI - 2003-10-10

His Highness the Aga Khan, Imam (spiritual leader) of the Shia Ismaili Muslims today retraced the footsteps of scholars and merchants whose journeys across the Sahara once helped establish a major cultural and commercial crossroads in this medieval city. Walking through the sand-swept alleys of this ancient seat of learning to the 14th century Djingereiber Mosque, the Aga Khan, accompanied by Mali's Prime Minster Ahmed Mohamed Ag Hamani, spoke of the need for cultural revitalisation to be linked to focused investment in the social sector and carefully planned economic development.


www.asiaplus.tajnet.com/n/w/1.htm Asia Plus

Tajik President addressing International Freshwater Forum has urged to focus efforts on appropriate tasks.
DUSHANBE, September 1, Asia-Plus - 'The main task is in focusing efforts of all countries and directing them to an appropriate turn', Tajik President Emomali formulated the task faced by participants at the Forum.

Veneman Reaffirms USDA's Commitment to Relief And Reconstruction of Afghanistan - USDA SUPPORTS AKF PROJECTS IN NORTHERN AFGHANISTAN - 2003-11-11


Agriculture Secretary Ann M. Veneman, in a historic visit to Afghanistan, today announced that the U.S. Department of Agriculture intends to donate $5 million of U.S. agricultural commodities under the Food for Progress Program. Veneman also announced the first Cochran Fellowship Program with Afghanistan to provide short-term, U.S.- based training for eight Afghan women to study agricultural finance.

Tajikistan May Receive about One Billion Dollars for Combating Poverty - TAJIKISTAN MAY RECEIVE ABOUT ONE BILLION DOLLARS FOR COMBATING POVERTY - 2003-04-05


Members of donor countries' governments and of international agencies for development have expressed readiness to allocate $900 million to Tajikistan for combating poverty.
According to Director of the World Bank for the Countries of Central Asia Dennis de Tray, the money will be given to Tajikistan during a three-year period, with $200 million in the form of humanitarian aid and $700 million in the form of grants.


Aiglemont is bathed in sunshine, although heavy overnight rain has brought a reminder: the Arc encourages October's capricious nature.

Tajikistan: Dreaming of the Mountains - TAJIKISTAN: DREAMING OF THE MOUNTAINS - 2004-05-21


Resettlement programme in trouble as migrants ask to go back to their old homes in the mountains.
By Boris Khairuddinov and Zafar Abdullaev in Dushanbe and Beshkent (RCA No. 286, 21-May-04)

Three years after the government of Tajikistan resettled hundreds of people to develop an arid region in the south of the country, many of the settlers want to go back to their old homes in the mountains because they say the experiment has failed.

Visite du Prince Aga Khan au Mali - VISITE DU PRINCE AGA KHAN AU MALI - 2003-10-10


Le réseau Aga Khan veut étendre ses activités dans notre pays'Je suis très flatté et satisfait de visiter le Mali. Vous savez, mon réseau a été longtemps présent en Afrique orientale et dans certains Etats de l'Afrique de l'ouest comme le Sénégal, la Côte d'Ivoire, le Burkina Faso et depuis quelques années au Mali.'

Tajiks have more faith in Aga Khan than UN water forum - TAJIKS HAVE MORE FAITH IN AGA KHAN THAN UN WATER FORUM - 2003-09-02


Fountains played all around Tajikistan's capital Dushanbe for a UN-sponsored water forum this week, but many in this war-weary Central Asian country drew greater comfort from the visit of Ismaili Muslim leader the Aga Khan.
Having been wracked by civil war in the 1990s, this remote mountain republic of 6.5 million people was determined to show the world a new face at the International Fresh Water Forum, intended to help ease ex-Soviet Central Asias deepening crisis of desertification and disease.

Visite privée de son altesse Aga Khan en terre malgache - SON ALTESSE L'AGA KHAN POUR LA DEUXIEME FOIS EN VISITE à MADAGASCAR - 2003-02-22

fr.allafrica.com/stories/200302220011.html Midi Madagasikara

L'avion privé de son altesse, le prince Aga Khan a atterri à l'aéroport d'Ivato, hier à 17h30. Son altesse est venue en visite privée dans la Grande Ile. Il a été accueilli au salon d'honneur de l'aéroport, par le questeur 2 du Sénat, Raberson Jeannot et le député Dramsy, représentant respectivement les présidents du Sénat et de l'Assemblé nationale, avec tapis rouge.

The Aga Khan starts tour of Mombasa - TWO DAY PRIVATE MOMBASA VISIT - 2003-02-21

Daily Nation News

The Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of the Ismaili community (second left), is received at Moi International Airport, Mombasa, yesterday by Cabinet ministers Karisa Maitha (left) and Najib Balala. On the right is Mr Alnoor Jiwan, the chairman of the Aga Khan Council in Mombasa.
The Aga Khan, spiritual leader of the Ismaili community worldwide, arrived in Mombasa yesterday for a two-day private visit.
The private jet carrying him touched down at the Moi International Airport at 1.08 pm.

Vom Star geknipst - Die Begum und die gute Tat Inaara Aga Khan l

Berlin Online

Es war schon ein ganzes Stück nach Mitternacht, als Bryan Adams Sabine Christiansen zum Geburtstag gratulierte. Und natürlich war das einer der emotionalen Momente bei der Gala

The European Commission has approved a grant for EUR 25.5 approximately US $ 23 million) to help the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) address rural poverty in central-west India over the next ten years - EUROPEAN COMMISSION AWARDS LARGEST GRANT EV

European Commission Awards Largest Grant Ever Made to Aga Khan FoundationTen year grant will focus on enterprise development for the rural poor in India
Geneva, Switzerland, 6 December 2001 The European Commission has approved a grant for EUR 25.5 (approximately US $ 23 million) to help the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP) address rural poverty in central-west India over the next ten years.

White death' endures in the lands of Central Asia - <I>WHITE DEATH' ENDURES IN THE LANDS OF CENTRAL ASIA - 2002-07-20

www.dawn.com/2002/07/20/int14.htm Dawn/Gemini News Service

American authorities predicted a sharp decrease in drug trafficking after the eradication of Afghanistan's Taliban regime - known to feed its activities by selling opiates abroad. But its northern neighbour, Tajikistan, knows better.
Months after the ouster of the hardline Afghan regime, trafficking in heroin - dubbed 'white death' in Tajikistan - is far from eradicated.

'We evaluate that there has been a 13 to 15 per cent increase in drug trafficking since the beginning of the US intervention in Afghanistan,' said Abai Iugochev, head of press relations for the Tajik Drug Control Agency.

The World in Houston - ISMAILI EMPOWER WOMEN - 2004-04-19


There's the stereotype of the Muslim woman -- silent and withdrawn behind her veil, obsequious when called upon, unable to think for herself, much less drive a car.
And then there's Shabnam Lutafali. Besides being a devout Muslim, the Pakistan native is a doctor of economics and a professor at the University of Houston-Downtown. She also serves as the president of the Southwest regional board for the Ismaili Muslims, followers of the Aga Khan.

Like most Ismailis, Lutafali believes that being Muslim and being a competent, active woman are not mutually exclusive.

with Opening of 5-star Kabul Serena Hotel - AFGHANISTAN OPENS LUXURIOUS SERENA HOTEL - 2005-11-08


President KarzaiYour Excellencies
Distinguished Guests
Ladies and Gentlemen

It is my immense happiness and privilege to welcome you all as we celebrate the inauguration of one of Kabul's restored landmarks. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those professionals, architects, construction trades, staff and volunteers who have worked so hard, under so many constraints, to build this hotel and prepare it for today's opening.

Tree plantation for Name Facility donors only. - AGA KHAN SPEAKS ON EDUCATION at AKU CONVOCATION 2003 - 2003-12-06

Detailed Schedule of Programme(a) Thursday Dec 04, 2003 at 3.30 pm: Tree plantation for Name Facility donors only.
(b) Friday Dec 05, 2003: Dinner at Hotel Marriott (Pool side) at 8:30 pm (by invitation) in honour of visiting donors and their gussets who are attending the Convocation or any other donor events at Karachi. This is as per eligibility criteria applied for Convocation and/or donor events. The dinner is being hosted bythe AKU Resource Development Committee for Pakistan (Ismaili).

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