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Bridging divide, the pavilion way - BRIDGING DIVIDE, THE PAVILION WAY - 2004-01-18


Three pavilions highlighting religious minorities of Gujarat are attracting curious visitors at the university grounds here, giving them an opportunity to understand the communities.
Through this initiative, the state government hopes to foster an atmosphere of cosmopolitanism in communally sensitive Gujarat.

Congratulations on Being Awarded the Companion of the Order of Canada - CEREMONY FOR THE DELEGATION OF THE ISMAILI IMAMAT FOUNDATION - 2005-06-06

Hon. Mobina S.B. Jaffer: Honourable senators, this week Canada has hosted His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan, the forty-ninth hereditary Imam of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims.
His Highness the Aga Khan is well known to many in Canada as a champion of international development through the Aga Khan Development Network, which he launched in 1967. His work is well known, not only by his followers but also by many Canadians involved in the work to promote peace in the world and eliminate poverty and suffering.

AKU allowed to set up education board - AKU ALLOWED TO SET UP EDUCATION BOARD - 2003-05-09


The federal government is learnt to have allowed Aga Khan University to establish its own board of intermediate and secondary education, first-ever in the private sector in the country.
The decision to allow such a board in the private sector was taken on the recommendations of an expert committee, constituted by Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman, during his tenure as a federal minister. The committee comprises representatives of public sector boards of education and principals of various colleges.

Building across the cultural divide - BUILDING ACCROS THE CULTURAL DIVIDE - 2005-01-29


Aga Khan, the prince of architecture, was honoured for his work in a field that can 'improve the quality of life' and 'mirror the plurality of cultural traditions.'The Great Hall of the National Building Museum is a breathtaking space. The ceiling rises 15 storeys above the floor at its tallest point, and its interior Corinthian columns are among the tallest in the world.

Construction of second Tajik-Afghan bridge starts - CONSTRUCTION SECOND TAJIK-AFGHAN BRIDGE STARTS - 2003-01-28

search.ft.com BBC Monitoring Service

The construction of the second of five bridges to be built across the Panj river [to link Tajikistan and Afghanistan] has started in keeping with a tripartite agreement between the Tajik and Afghan governments and the Aga Khan foundation.
The bridge is being built in [eastern Tajikistan's] Darvoz District's village of Ruzba.

The deputy head of the Badakhshonroh [road building] company, Khushnazar Abdurahimov, told a Khovar correspondent that the workforce of the Badakhshonroh and Pomirgeologiya [Pomir geology] companies had started to level the area where the bridge would be built.

AKU chief meets Tata - AKU CHIEF MEETS TATA - 2003-10-08


The Aga Khan University is establishing a faculty of arts and sciences on a new 550-acre campus in the outskirts of Karachi. This was stated by Dr Shams Kassim Lakaha, President Aga Khan University, during a meeting with Riaz Ahmed Tata, President Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) the other day. He informed that the university, which is operating a medical college, school of nursing, teaching hospital and institute for educational development, also recently established an institute for the study of Muslim civilisation in London.

Building to house state-of-the-art laboratory services, doubling capacity up to 10 million tests annually - GOVERNOR STATE BANK OF PAKISTAN INAUGURATES SOPARIVALA BUILDING AT AKU - 2005-08-14


Dr Ishrat Husain, Governor State Bank of Pakistan, was the chief guest at the inauguration of the new Soparivala Building at Aga Khan University (AKU), which was timed to coincide with the Independence Day celebrations. The Soparivala Building, named after the Soparivala estate generously gifted to AKU, will house the new clinical laboratories. The new laboratories will double Aga Khan University Hospital's (AKUH) existing medical test processing capacity to 10 million tests annually.

Construction of second Tajik-Afghan bridge starts - CORPORATE SECTOR BOOSTS INTERNATIONAL MICROFINANCE INTERNSHIP PROGRAM - 2003-07-23


The construction of the second of five bridges to be built across the Panj river [to link Tajikistan and Afghanistan] has started in keeping with a tripartite agreement between the Tajik and Afghan governments and the Aga Khan foundation.
The bridge is being built in [eastern Tajikistan's] Darvoz District's village of Ruzba.

The deputy head of the Badakhshonroh [road building] company, Khushnazar Abdurahimov, told a Khovar correspondent that the workforce of the Badakhshonroh and Pomirgeologiya [Pomir geology] companies had started to level the area where the bridge would be built.

AKU seminar on higher education - AKU SEMINAR ON HIGHER EDUCATION - 2003-08-18

jang.com.pk/thenews/aug2003-daily/18-08-2003/metro/k10.htm The Karachi News

Chief Secretary Dr Mutawakil Kazi has stressed upon the need for eradicating duality in the country's education system, which ultimately translates into inequality, poverty, and limitation of opportunities.
Addressing a seminar organised by the Centre of English Language (CEL) of Aga Khan University with the theme, 'English and Higher Education: Future Directions' Kazi pointed out that the rapid spread of English language as a means for global communication was becoming a necessity and the government fully realised the challenge.

Cairo park restores ancient glory - CROWDED CAIRO GETS ITS OWN VISION OF CENTRAL PARK - 2005-03-25


The park was financed by the Aga Khan Trust for CultureA 30-hectare park built from scratch on what used to be a 500-year-old garbage dump topping one of Cairo's poorest neighbourhoods is ready for inauguration.
The opening ceremony on Friday will be presided over by Imam Aga Khan, the 68-year-old spiritual leader of Shia Ismaili Muslims who first devised the project more than 20 years ago.

Contractors Await Nile Hotel Tenders - CONTRACTORS AWAIT NILE HOTEL TENDERS - 2004-01-15

allafrica.com/stories/200401150416.html New Vision

http://allafrica.com/stories/200401150416.htmlNew Vision (Kampala)
January 15, 2004
John Eremu

Contractors Await Nile Hotel Tenders

Prequalified firms are expecting substantial contracts after Serena Tourism Promotion Services of the Aga Khan signs the $19m concession for the Nile Hotel complex today.

The hotel has not had a major refurbishment in well over a decade. Sources say plans are to upgrade its facilities, which will also involve considerable refitting and re-modelling. This will raise the hotel's standards synonymous with the much respected Serena name.

Alamshar On Target for Canadian International - AGA SELLS ALAMSHAR - 2003-10-07

News.Bloodhorse.com Edited from a Woodbine press release

Irish-based Alamshar, ranked number one on the World Thoroughbred Rankings list in the Turf division, is scheduled to run in the $1.5 million Pattison Canadian International, set for Woodbine on Sunday, Oct. 19.
Trainer John Oxx, who trains the dual group I winner for the Aga Khan, told the Racing Post the only way the 3-year-old would not compete in the International is if stablemate Dalakhani is forced to miss the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe (Fr-I) this weekend in France. 'Our plan is to (run Alamshar) in Canada,' said Oxx. 'It would be his last race of the year.'

Cairo's parks through the ages - IS CAIRO PARK A NEW MODEL FOR URBAN RENEWAL? - 2005-03-24


While Al Azhar Park may be a novel project in the Cairo of today, a hundred years ago it would have been one cultivated green space among many. In the 19th century, Cairo was being modeled after European cities, and parks were part of the plan conceived carried out by Viceroy Muhammad Ali and his successors, especially Khedive Ismail, for creating a sophisticated, modern urban space. Today, however, most of the old parks are only a fraction of their original size and dim reflections of their illustrious beginnings, due to neglect and shifting concerns of the state.

Correspondance from the Heritage Team in Karachi - AGA KHAN PLEDGES ENHANCED SUPPORT FOR CHITRAL - 2003-12-04

In Chitral, Mowlana Hazar imam gave 2 didars, one in Gharam Chasma in the morning and one in Booni at noon on 4th of December.
On the road from Chitral, several arches were raised with colorful decorations, My Flags and words of 'Welcome Aga Khan' or 'Welcome Mowlana Hazar Imam' and 'Didar Mubarak'

Young Volunteers were standing near some of those Arches with tea and apples for the people arriving for Didar. As we said no for tea, they insisted to offer us 4 apples in a plate, which we could not refuse

Aga Khan's Dealings Stir Questions of Financial Transparency - AGA KHAN'S DEALINGS STIR QUESTIONS OF FINANCIAL TRANSPERENCY - 2005-11-23


As 50,000 followers watched, Sultan Mohamed Shah Aga Khan III, wearing a silk coat and blue turban, hefted his 243.5 pounds onto a brocade chair connected to a scale loaded with diamonds. The event in India in 1946 was to mark the 60th anniversary of his role as spiritual leader of the Ismaili Muslims and to raise cash from his followers.
Shah's grandson and successor, His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan IV, still collects cash from his followers, who typically tithe 12.5 percent of their income to the Imam. He has chosen a quieter approach than his ancestor.

Alitalia may buy stake in Meridiana - ALITALIA MAY BUY STAKE IN MERIDIANA - 2003-07-14

Financial Times

Alitalia's board of directors is to discuss the possibility of acquiring a partial or controlling stake in Meridiana, the Sardinia-based airline owned by the Aga Khan, at a board meeting on Tuesday.
Industry sources said Alitalia was interested in Meridiana because it would add 16 percentage points to the flag carrier's current 55 per cent share of the domestic market. However, they said it was not certain that the Alitalia board would take a final decision at the meeting on Tuesday.

Cairo's parks through the ages - CANADIAN-DOMINATED AFGHAN ORGANIZATION - 2004-04-12

www.canada.com Calgary Herald

KABUL - There's a riddle here few people can solve.
What organization controls the country's largest cellphone company, is throwing itself into humanitarian development work in some of the poorest provinces in Afghanistan, is building the city's first five-star hotel, is restoring historic landmarks in Kabul - and is dominated by Canadians?


La guida degli ismailiti: non c' è un conflitto di civiltà bens

Aga Khan's gift is in good Kerry hands - AGA KHAN'S GIFT IN GOOD KERRY HANDS - 2003-12-18


THE Aga Khan has been a great lover of Irish racing all through his life. He showed that love is no uncertain fashion with his amazing multimillion euro gift to Irish racing this month.
He bought a hotel at the back of the present Curragh stands for an estimated 15 to 20 million euro and presented the whole area occupied by that hotel to the Irish Turf Club, the owners of the Curragh racecourse. This purchase enables Horse Racing Ireland to make the Curragh one of the real gems of the sport in the world.

An architectural marvel - AN ARCHITECTURAL MARVEL - 2005-08-04

The review

In a conservation effort that took nearly a decade to complete, one NGO has undertaken the comprehensive restoration and repair of Baltit Fort, making it a beautiful and functional building, writes Fauzia HusainNestled high in the mountains and surrounded by unrivalled vistas of rugged terrain, stands a 700-year-old fort which has been witness to the socio-cultural history of a resilient people, and to a remarkable feat ofmodern day conservation.

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