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New York

Do Business and Islam Mix? Ask Him

The Aga Khan congratulating graduates of a midwife training course in Afghanistan that was sponsored by the Aga Khan Development

HE is a moderate Muslim religious leader and a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. He is also a twice-married jet-setter, and he owns hundreds of racehorses, valuable stud farms, an exclusive yacht club on Sardinia and a lavish estate near Paris.

He has poured money into poorer, neglected parts of the world, often into businesses as basic as making fish nets, plastic bags and matches, while also teaming up with private-equity powerhouses like the Blackstone Group on a huge $750 million hydroelectric system in Uganda.

Statement by Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, to the Third Committee of the United Nati

Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan

Madam Chairman,

The Committee has before it today two seemingly routine matters: my Annual Report, and the periodic consideration of whether UNHCR should be continued. The agenda, appropriately terse, scarcely conceals its irony.

Remarks by David Rockefeller at the Hadrian Award Luncheon 1996-10-25

Hadrian Award October 25, 1996

Remarks by David Rockefeller at the Hadrian Award Luncheon
The Plaza Hotel, New York, N.Y October 25, 1996
Those of you who are regular guests at the Hadrian Award Luncheon may have noticed that this seems to have become a regular time for me to be a guest at these meetings. I should assure you I’m not seeking a permanent place on the program. This is the third consecutive Hadrian lunch at which I’ve been privileged to speak about the work of the World Monuments Fund, and indeed it is certainly worthy of all the attention that any of us could give to that work.

Democracy, Faith and Refugees at the Athens Democracy Forum 2015-10-21

H.H. The Aga Khan at the Athens Democracy Forum  2015-09-15
The Blog Huff Post Religion

Our democratic institutions are crumbling. The separation of Church and State has inevitably turned into a separation of morals from government, turning governments into skeletal bodies with little to no moral compass.

Many today believe faith, particularly Islam, is incompatible with democracy and that refugees cannot understand or contribute to democracies, yet the Athens Democracy Forum invited two keynote speakers to address the challenges and opportunities of government: a refugee and a Muslim.

New Civil Society Partnership Announced with U.S. Government and the Aga Khan Development Network 2014-09-23

Partnerships in Action-Aga Kan Foundation USA

New York –President Barack Obama yesterday announced a partnership among the United States government, the Swedish government, and the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) to foster a dynamic and sustainable civil society globally through initiatives of citizen groups, in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

On occasion of Prince Sadrudin's Birthday from Records of the Office of the High Commissioner 1965-12-01

Prince Sadrudin

This follow-up project particularly focuses on the records of Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan (1966-1977) and of Poul Hartling (1978-1985). The records serve to document the wide ranging work of the Office of the High Commissioner, and include extensive material on missions, speeches, correspondence and briefs.

Rethinking ‘Islamic Art’ 2015-01-13

Aga Khan Museum
Wall Street Journal

For seven years, exhibitions in Asia and Europe have showcased treasures owned by the Aga Khan, the spiritual head of an estimated 10 million to 15 million Shia Ismaili Muslims world-wide.

Do Business and Islam Mix? Ask Him 2007-07-08

The Aga Khan congratulating graduates of a midwife training course in Afghanistan that was sponsored by the Aga Khan Development
The New York Times

He is a moderate Muslim religious leader and a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. He is also a twice-married jet-setter, and he owns hundreds of racehorses, valuable stud farms, an exclusive yacht club on Sardinia and a lavish estate near Paris.

Aga Khan Development Network

Meeting of Tajik Foreign Minister with the Chairman of the AKDN – Khovar Tajikistan News 2012-09-26

2012-09-28 Tajik FM meets His Highness the Aga Khan in New York

Dushanbe, September 26. (NIAT “Khovar”).-
On September 25, 2012 in New York on the sidelines of the General Debates of the 67th Session of the United Nations General Assembly the Head of the delegation of Tajikistan, Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr. Hamrokhon Zarifi met with His Highness the Aga Khan, the Chairman of the Aga Khan Development Network.

At the meeting the sides discussed issues and prospects of the realization of the Aga Khan Development Network programmes and projects in Tajikistan.

Finalists for 2010 Aga Khan Award Announced - 2010-05-25

Tulou Collective Housing Guangzhou China.jpg

The 19 finalists for the Aga Khan Award for Architecture are to be announced this afternoon during an event at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. Chosen by a nine-member master jury, the projects on the shortlist range from textile factory in Turkey to a women’s health center in Burkina Faso.

Established in 1977 and given every three years, the prestigious Aga Khan Award recognizes notable projects in communities where Muslims have a significant presence. The program was created by His Highness the Aga Khan, Imam of the Shia Imami Ismaili Muslims. The prize fund totals $500,000.

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2007, July 8: He presents a less threatening face of Islam on the global business stage during a time of war, the Aga Khan — one of the world's wealthiest Muslim investors — preaches the ethical acquisition and use of wealth and financial aid that promotes economic self-reliance among developing countries and their poorest people. [New York Times]

In Him, East and West Meet. - 1983-12-01

In a recent interview in New York, the Aga Khan answered question from LIFE reporter Margot Dougherty and Managing Editor Richard B. Stolley.
I don't think the public has a very good idea of what you do. Perhaps you could start with what we call a job description. The Imamate is a hereditary office, and the Imam is responsible for guiding the practice of the faith of the Ismaili community. In matters of faith he makes the decisions. In the matters if everyday activity, he has a large network of everyday institutions and structures that answer to him.


At the occasion of a special address to the The United Nations Development Programme December 11, 1980
Mr. Morse, Mr. Secretary-General, Your Excellencies, Ladies and Gentleman: It is a great honour for me to stand before you at the United Nations-the symbol of man's hope for the future and man's belief in the primacy of reason and peace-to discuss the Aga Khan Award for Architecture.

Afghanistan's Schools Get a Boost from NetAid - 2002-08-09


NetAid, in partnership with the Aga Khan Foundation, recently announced a new Afghanistan initiative that will help reconstruct that country?s ailing educational system. The Aga Khan Foundation U.S.A., with the support of The Rob Lloyd Family and Cisco Systems, works with Afghan communities to train teachers, rehabilitate schools, and put children in school. These services are vital in Afghanistan, where years of war and hardship have deprived most children of access to basic education.Girls?



High Commissioner for Human Rights Sergio Vieira de Mello has expressed his profoundest sorrow over the death of Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan. He conveys his condolences to Prince Sadruddin's wife, Princess Catherine Aleya Aga Khan, to his nephew, Karim, the Aga Khan, and to the rest of his family.

Scassi's client-1989-06-18

The San Francisco Chronicle

Arnold Scaasi sculpts clothes in dramatic silhouettes with the finest of fabrics and washes them with bold, meant-to-be-noticed colors. "I'm the only American who does made-to-order," says Mr. Scaasi, who buys his fabrics in Europe. "Not every designer is equipped to do it psychologically.

extravaganza soiree Alzheimer's Benefit-1991-11-13

Chicago Tribune

I"m sorry, my precious, but they simply won"t go away. You"ve been telling me for absolute ages now that Glitz is Dead, that the nouveau riche have become the riche passe , that America is fed up to its nearly 7 percent unemployment rate with social airs and "Bonfire of the Vanities" conspicuous consumption. But, like the root-feeding mealybugs in my garden, the Glitzoids keep coming back. I was with a swarm of them the other night at a $2,500-a-plate soiree that would have outglittered even Nancy Reagan in her grandest 1980s delusion of grandeur.

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