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The Meaning of Six Days in Which God Created the Heavens and Earth

O Momins, may God guide you to the right path and may He make your abode in the place where you will not hear a useless or a sinful talk.

I have told you that the thick earthly body will not rise to the skies. A belief of this kind cannot stand the test of reason. It is only the spirit which will rise and which does rise even when our body lies here during our stay in this world. It has the potential power of rising and it is not outside its province to rise in reality.

The Meaning of Six Days in Which God Created the Heavens and Earth

Publication Type  Article
Year of Publication  Submitted
Authors  Al-Shiraz, Al-Muayyad-Fid-din
Original Publication  Read and Know
Publisher  Shia Ismailia Association for Tanzania
Key Words  heaven; earth; haqiqat; tariqat; creation

Tum chet man meraa


Tum chet man meraa
jug maanhe kon teraa;
tan khau juthaa feraa,
Gur kahet hai pukaar;
tum chet man meraa -( dodh )

Eji Jug maahe jo tu aayaa,
tuje mitthi laagi maayaa;
kanchan sariki kaayaa;
so kiyiu hovegi ugaar - tum chet 1

Eji Kaayaa maayaa sarve jutthi,
jesi vaayunki mutthi;
jiyu paanni kaa parpottaa,
futt taa na laage vaar - tum chet 2

Eji Nahi teraa baap maai,
nahi teraa ben bhaai;
nahi teraa sagaa saahi,
jutthaa hai sansaar - tum chet 3

Eji Nahi teraa putra dhiyaa,
nahi teri tri-aa;
nahi teraa sagaa saayaa;

Bhamar gufa upar dekhante


Eji Bhamar gufaa re upar dekhtaa,
bhaai kaho kesaa gunn hoy;
jag-mag jot jal-hale,
ane vasat nuraani soy 1

Eji Dhiro dhiro re bhaai momano,
ane dhire te sab kuchh hoy;
maali re sinche chogannaa bhaai,
rut binaa fal na hoy 2

Eji Shariat hak kari jaanni-e,
to turat tarikat paay;
hakikat dil maane nakaasi ye,
to maarfat-e mili jaay 3

Eji Sayyed Mahammad Shaah aankhe venati,
tame saanbharo rab sataar;
hi bando gunegaar hay,
saanhiyaa bakshi-e bakshann-haar 4

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