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Silver Jubilee

singapore 19830109

singapore 19830109

Hazar Imam with Deputy Prime Minister Rajaratnam of Singapore 1983-01-09

Speech by His Highness The Aga Khan at Hotel Vancouver 1983-04-22

Hazar Imam speaking at the Vancouver Hotel Luncheon  1983-04-22

Hotel Vancouver
Vancouver, British Columbia,
April 22, 1983

(During Hazar Imam's Silver Jubilee visit to the Canadian Jamats, a banquet was held in His honour in Vancouver. A plaque was presented to Hazar Imam by the Deputy Premier which "symbolized the love and support and the appreciation of the citizens of British Columbia." The Mayor of Vancouver in his welcome address also announced that this day had been declared "Ismaili Day")

Hazar Imam then made the following speech.


Hazar Imam with Vice-President Hidayatullah of India  1983-01-12



JANUARY 12, 1983

Your Excellency,

I am delighted that this evening's most enjoyable dinner gives me the opportunity of thanking you publicly for the welcome which your Government, and in particular the Prime Minister and the officials concerned, have given us. My wife, my brother and I are all deeply touched by the warmth of our reception on this Silver Jubilee visit and are sincerely appreciative of the courtesies extended to us.

Speech by H.H. The Aga Khan IV during Silver Jubilee in Canada - 1983

MP3 Stereo 11kHz 64Kbps (CBR) 2:49 minutes (1.29 MB)
H.H. Prince Karim Aga Khan IV

Ismaili day Declared in Vancouver - 1982-07-11

Government Declared Ismaili Day In Vancouver.
Audio attached.

Dwar khule jannat ke jhoom utha asman -

MP3 Stereo 11kHz 64Kbps (CBR) 5:40 minutes (2.6 MB)

Jug jug jeevo amara Imam re Tajudawla na laal Karim


Title: Jug jug jeevo Page: 41________________________________________________________________________

Ho jug jug jeevo amara Imam re, Tajudawla na laal Karim

Oh Zahra Rahim Hussein na taat re, Salima no eh kanth Karim

Verse 1

Geneva ni dharti upar, chatris mi eh saal

Tariq han thi, termi december

Utariyo Ali no laal

He manyun manyun mein ene maro naath re, Tajudawla na laal Karim (2)

Verse 2

Jeevan na ena pachis varasho, deeda ene jamat ne

Divas ne ene raaton sarve, chinta kidhi sarwar ne

Silver Jubilee ujvun eni aaj re, Tajudawla na laal Karim (2)

Verse 3

Dwar khule jannat ke jhoom utha asman


Title: Dwar khule jannat ke Page: 11
Chord: D#m

Fem.: Dwar khule jannat ke *** jhoom utha asman ***

Dwar khule jannat ke, jhoom utha asman

Deep jale ghar ghar mein

Cho.: Chamak utha sara angana, ho ho, chamak utha sara angana

Dwar khule jannat ke.. jhoom utha.. angana..deep jale..

Chamak utha sara angana (2)

Verse 1

Male: Dil ka hindola, nur se sajaye }

Ale Nabi ko hum, usme bithanye...Dil ka.. (2)

Fem.: Sang sang Mowla ke, jule-hai sare momina ** (2)

Deep jale ghar ghar mein

Jeeve Shah Karim maro jeeve lakho saal


Title: Jeeve Shah Karim Page: 32________________________________________________________________________

Jeeve Shah Karim, maro jeeve lakho saal

Umar laage tane amari, rahe tun khushi abaad

Tane Silver Jubilee mubarak'abad

Tane aaje chhe laakho mubarak'abad (Repeat whole)

Verse 1

Shan tari che nurani che, sau no tun sar taj ** (2)

Chaud bhawan no tun cho swami, gagan man taarun raaj

Tane Silver Jubilee mubarak'abad

Tane aaje chhe laakho mubarak'abad

Verse 2

Dagle ne pagle bodh aape, darshan maargh apaar ** (2)

Dukhra sau na taare vahlo, dur kare andhkaar

Eh naam ne sijado karun hun aaj ho Mowla mara


Title: Eh naam ne sijada Page: 36_______________________________________________________________________

Hey, Room jhoom karti avi Silver Jubilee, Canada desh man

Momino mari subh jashan manao, gao Mowlana geet re,

Gao Mowla na gun re, gao Mowlana geet re **

Eh naam ne, sijado karun hun aaj ho Mowla mara

Mushkil khusha mara, sahu ne utaro pahele par naam ne

Eh naam ne, sijado karun hun aaj ho Mowla mara

Mushkil khusha mara, sahu ne utaro pahele par naam ne

Verse 1

Silver Jubilee ni, radhiyari raate, sahu na man harakhay

Chando utre, aaj tara utre, aaj dharti roshan thay

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