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Delhi’s Aga Khan heritage 2016-07-08

The Sundar Burj as it looks today. Photographs by Ramesh Pathania/Mint

A mammoth undertaking to restore and develop Delhi’s Nizamuddin will end this time next year. How has it transformed one of the most historic and touristy areas of the country?

Mayank Austen Soofi



Landmark: the restoration of the Humayun’s Tomb gardens in Delhi has been the starting point for an urban renewal project

Humayun Tombs

Interview of H.H. The Aga Khan by Rajiv Mehrotra of DD TV - ALL SET FOR AGA KHAN AWARD FOR ARCHITECTURE - 2004-11-27

RM: Your Highness, you are an inspiration to millions of Muslims around the world. We have traditionally associated religious leaders with austerity, with denials in a sense. You embody a fullness of life. What is the world view that circumscribes your work as an Imam?

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