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Evian Conference - 1952-07-04 to 08

Imam Sultan Muhammad Shah had called a Conference in Evian, France known as the Evian Conference between July 4, 1952 and July 8, 1952 to discuss various economic and social problems confronting the African Ismailis and also to make necessary amendments in the Constitution of the African Councils.




Historic Photo Taken at the Evian Conference with All Attendees:
Mowlana Hazar Imam Aga Sultan Muhammad Shah, Mata Salamat, Princes Karim and Amin Mohamed
Vizir Fatehali Dhala, Mombasa
Vizir Sir Eboo Pirbhai, OBE, Nairobi
Itmadi Vizir Abdulla Hassam Gangji, Zanzibar
Count Di w an MN Jindani, Mombasa
Court Kassum Sunderji Samji, Dar es salam
Vizir Kassamali Paroo, Mombasa
Vizir VM Nazerali, OBE, Dar es salaam
Vizir AG Abdulhussein, Dar es salaam
Vizir Allibhai Kassam Lakha, Mombasa
Vizir Merali Ramji, Mombasa
Vizir Bahadurali Remtulla Samji, Majunga

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