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P. Dar Bayaane Sabar Va Shukar - Patience And Gratitude

khush khabaree dee-o aap jeev, jab saburee keetee;
jees ba(n)dene sabar kee-aa, teese fateh rabane deetee;
khaalak-kee sab khalkat jaanee, koee dukh deve to sabar karanaa;
to usathee tu(n) sahee jeete, aysaa maname(n) dharanaa..........207

Give glad tidings to your soul, when you have exercised patience. The creature that has been patient, has been granted success by the Lord. Knowing the Creator's entire creation, if anyone does harm, be patient. Then through that, you will truly win over him. Keep this in your mind.

saburee teree tuj fateh deve, jeese keesee upar aave balaa;

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