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Ismaili nawjawano tum qaum ki azmat bano


Title: Ismaili nawjawano Page: 63.1__________________________________________________________________________

Cho Ismaili nawjawano, Ismaili nawjawano (High)

Tum quam ki azmat bano, tum quam ki izat bano

Tum quam ki kuwat bano

Ismaili nawjawano, tum quam ki azmat bano

Tum quam ki izat bano, tum quam ki kuwat bano

Ismaili nawjawano, Ismaili nawjawano (High)

Verse 1

Taj Humko tumpey, naaz hey yeh, quam ki awaaz hey

Cho Yeh, quam ki awaaz hey

Taj Tumhaari har, jihaad ka ees, Quam ko ahsaas hey (Music: ah ah)

Ch Is, quam ko ahsaas hey

Taj Aage bhardo (Music: ah ah) Phoolon phalon

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