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poverty alleviation

Women's self-help group in Gujarat run bakery, started by collecting savings 4 years ago (with AKDN help) 2021-07-25

Jayshree Bhoye in the Apana Bakery (Photo/ANI)

Ahmedabad (Gujarat), July 25 (ANI): A self-help group of 10 women in the Nadgakhadi village in the tribal district of Dang runs a bakery which they started by collecting their savings four years ago.

The bakery named 'Apna bakery' sells Ragi based baked food. After four years of hard work, the group is known as 'Bakery Sisters'.

Speaking to ANI, Kalpana Gaikwad of Apna Bakery said, "When we started the bakery we use to make biscuits of flour, but the women working here suggested to start making food of Ragi."

PPAF celebrates ‘Chinese Independence Day’ works with AKRSP 2019-10-09

ETI and AKRSP train trainers to ‘overcome malnutrition’ in Gilgit-Baltistan  (AKDN courtesy)

The Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund, communities and school children Tuesday celebrated the “Chinese Independence Day" with Chinese engineers supporting PPAF in the testing & commissioning of 306 KW Micro Hydro Power Project (MHP) at village Gazain, district Chitral, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

This Delhi kitchen feeds the hungry and serves a cause-An AKF Initiative

Preparing food at Zaika-e-Nizamuddin, a community kitchen run by local women.

The market at Nizamuddin basti is bustling with energy on a Thursday afternoon. There are some people chattering in front of a butchershop and children fighting while playing carom. The smell of fresh biryani fills the air as I walk through the winding lanes towards my destination, a kitchen called Zaika-e-Nizamuddin which is run entirely by a group of local women.

An initiative by the Aga Khan Foundation that began in 2012, Zaika-e-Nizamuddin was set up as part of a dual campaign to create employment opportunities for women and tackle the problem of malnutrition in this area.

Goats Empowering Women in India with help of Aga Khan Foundation 2019-04-26

Pashu-Sakhis  which means “friends of the animals” in Hindi

By Bill Gates
Can goats empower women?
In one of the poorest areas of India, they already are.
This is thanks to a new team of health workers who are training rural women how to gain financial independence by raising healthier goats.

The health workers are goat nurses known as “pashu sakhis,” which means “friends of the animals” in Hindi. Pashu sakhis are all poor women themselves who are given basic training in how to vaccinate, deworm, and provide other preventive care to goats in their community.

So, how does this help empower women?

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