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Today in History

1906-10-01Aga Khan III headed the first Muslim deputation to Viceroy Lord Minto - 1906-10-01

Simla, October 1, 1906 - Sir Sultan Mohamed Shah, Aga Khan III read out the memorial 'A Bill of Muslim Rights' as he headed the first Muslim deputation to Viceroy Lord Minto. This address was prepared by Bilgrami which when read by Sir Sultan Mohamed Shah, Aga Khan III proved to have the most impact as it brought out the constitutional and political changes necessary for the establishment of the All India Muslim League.

1914-10-01Aga Khan III contribution to the Indian Volunteers Committee - 1914-10-01

October 1, 1914 London, a meeting of the Indian Volunteers Committee was held at the Polytechnic, Regent Street. Mr. M.K. Gandhi, the Chairman of the Committee in his opening remarks, announced that Sir Sultan Mohamed Shah, Aga Khan III had just handed him a cheque for 200 pounds to be used for providing extra comfort for the corps at the front.

1937-10-01Aga Khan III Event - 1937-10

Autumn 1937 - Sir Sultan Mohamed Shah, Aga Khan III again met with Adolf Hitler, Chancellor of Germany, in Berlin. At that time Hitler claimed that Germany had a moral claim to Tanganyika because African soldiers had fought on the German side during World War I. Sir Sultan Mohamed Shah, Aga Khan III wrote later, 'I went to Germany as a private individual...When Herr Hitler invited my wife and myself to tea at Berchtesgarden, his Bavarian home, we did not discuss politics in any shape or form...I pray for the day when Germany will return to the League of Nations.'

1937-10-01Aga Khan III Event - 1937-10-01

October 1, 1937 - On the election of Sir Sultan Mohamed Shah, Aga Khan III as President of the League of Nations, the 'Ismaili Aftab' wrote; The Aga Khan has said, 'Light comes from the East.' We know for certain that the League's ideals would most be glorified by the Divine Light - H.H. The Aga Khan - the League has found from the East.

1960-10-01Event - 1960-10-01

Laid foundation stone of the Dr. Alidina Kharadhar Hospital and Maternity Home. Visited Prince Aga Khan's Boys'/Girls' Secondary and Nursery Schools of Kharadhar, Pakistan.

1964-10-01Opening of Musoma Jamatkhana, Tanzania - 1964-10
1966-10-01Event - 1966-10-01

Mowlana Hazar Imam made a 54-day tour of East Africa and Malagasy Republic.

1979-10-01Event - 1979-10-01

Fourth Architectural Awards Seminar held in Fez, Morocco.

1996-10-01Event - 1996-10-01

Hazar Imam visited Hunza in early October and gave Holy Deedar at Alyabad, Gilgit and Karimabad. At Karimabad, Hazar Imam opened the restored Baltit Fort.


La Bégum Inaara a présidé la deniere semaine d'octobre 2000 une grande soirée de bienfaisance organisée par l'Unesco à Dusseldorf, en Allemagne. La princesse a accordé une interview exclusive à OH LA !

2000-10-01AGA KHAN'S HORSE WINS - 2000-10-01

Paris. Hazar Imam's horse wins: It was billed as the showdown between Europe


H.H. The Aga Khan arrived in Nairobi Sunday evening for a private visit. The aircraft landed at around 6.- p.m. About 200 Jamati members had gathered at the Nairobi airport to welcome the Imam. According to a caption in Daily Nation, 'President Mwai Kibaki and the Aga Khan at State House, Nairobi, yesterday where they held talks. The Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of the Ismaili community, arrived on Sunday.' [The Nation - October 1st, 2003].


H.H. the Aga Khan along with Prince Amyn Mohamed attended the 'Voices of Central Asia' in London England at the London Coliseum. The event was open and the Jamat was also present. The program was to start around 8pm and H.H the Aga Khan arrived at 8:10pm in a simple black audi. He did not sit in the box as expected, but sat amongst all the Ismailis. He was attending as this show was associated with The Aga Khan Trust for Culture. His Highness also attended the reception which took place following the program.


Paris, France: Princess Zahra's horse Mandesha won at Longchamp. HH Aga Khan attended with His daughter Zahra, the Prix de l'Arc de Triomphe at the Hippodrome de Longchamp. Winning owner Princess Zahra Khan said, 'The Arc is a dream which will carry on to next year.' Winning breeder the Aga Khan said, 'We opted for the Opera instead of the Arc when we decided she would stay in training and besides three-year-old fillies don't have a good record in the race.'

2008-10-01A series of 4 new Golden Jubilee stamps have been issued - 2008-10-01

2008 October 1: A series of 4 new Golden Jubilee stamps have been issued for Idd last week in Uganda . Photos here!.

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