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Today in History

1963-11-24Event - 1963-11-24

Inaugurated first anniversary celebrations of Mindanao State University of Muslims at Maravi, Philipines, and spoke on 'Islam's Glorious Past'. Also read convocation address at Kamil Islam College.

1964-11-24Event - 1964-11-24-A

Visited Islamabad, new capital of Pakistan. Suggested use of Islamic architecture for new buildings.

1964-11-24Event - 1964-11-24

Donated Rs. 125,000 to Rawalpindi Press Club.

1978-11-24Event - 1978-11-24

The Globe and Mail newspaper published the interview given by Hazar Imam to Stanley McDowell entitled 'The Aga Khan: A Man Of His Time'

1986-11-24Event - 1986-11-24

Aga Khan Award for Architecture presentation was held at the Badi Palace Marrakesh in Morocco and was attended by Hazar Imam who made a speech and by the Crown Prince of Morocco and the Crown Prince of Jordan.

2003-11-24AGA KHAN TO INVEST $18m IN NILE HOTEL - 2003-11-24

KAMPALA: Serena Hotels a company owned by Aga Khan is investing US$19m in rebuilding of Nile Hotel International. The Privatisation Unit (PU) on Friday opened the financial bid from Serena Hotels.'The management is providing a commitment fee of $1.2m and will be paying four percent of the rental income every year which ranges between $ 238,000 and $554,000,' the PU director, Michael Opagi, said during the function held at Communications House.

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