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Today in History

1885-09-01Aga Khan III Gives Many Didars in His First Month of Imamat- 1885-09

September 1885 - During this first month of Imamat, Sir Sultan Mohamed Shah, Aga Khan III gave Holy Deedar to the Bombay Jamats various times and made many Holy Farmans for the worldly and spiritual betterment of the Ismailis.

1968-09-01Event - 1968-09-01

A introduction to Ismailism.

1979-09-01Event - 1979-09-01

Mowlana Hazar Imam and Begum Salimah visited the United Kingdom Jamat.

1983-09-01Event - 1983-09-01

Interview granted by Hazar Imam to Paul Chutkow of American magazine 'Connoisseur.' This interview titled 'The Aga Khan's Vision' took place at Hazar Imam's home in Paris on the Ile St. Louis and mainly centred on the Award for Architecture. Hazar Imam said: 'I think life changes, people change, buildings change. I think that they must be built to change.' (click here)

1989-09-01Event - 1989-09-01

In Cambridge to inaugurate joint Islamic Architecture Programme.

1997-09-01Event - 1997-09-01

Under the title 'Who is the Aga Khan?', Marisa Bartolucci wrote in the September issue of the magazine Metropolis, 'Since the days of the Fatimids, Ismaili Imams have encouraged intellectual freedom and tolerance. For them, like the Aga Khan today, the Koran and its teachings were open to each individual's interpretation and could never be dictated.' The Cover page title is 'Muslim Modernity: Can the Aga Khan build a new Islamic World?'.

2002-09-01LA BIBLIOTHEQUE ASSASSINEE - 2002-09-01

L'Actualité - Article de Yves Starvridès - En détruisant au lance-roquettes la bibliothèque Nasser Khosrow, les talibans ont effacé des pans entiers de la culture persane. Pour la reconstruire, son directeur compte sur les intellectuels occidentaux. C'était une des plus belles bibliothèques publiques d'Afghanistan. Peut-être même la plus belle. Avec ses 55 000 volumes, elle était le joyau de la Fondation Nasser Khosrow: des manuscrits vieux de 10 siècles y c


Synergos.org. The fall of the Taliban in Afghanistan opened up myriad opportunities to redevelop the social and physical infrastructure of this devastated country. A major player in its rehabilitation is the Aga Khan Development Network, an entity so large, multifaceted and influential that in some countries it has its own embassy and diplomatic status.

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