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The public crier was a well-known institution among the Arabs. Among the tribes and in the towns, criers made important proclamations, invitations or announcements to general assemblies. "This crier" according to Sirat al-Halabia (2:170), "was called munadi or mu'adhdhin." Thus, official proclamations were regularly made mu'adhdhin in the time of the Prophet (Tabari, 3:2131).

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    Encyclopaedia of Ismailism by Mumtaz Ali Tajddin

    The term vakil was a short form of vakil'i shah (vicegerent of the Lord) or vakil'i mawla (vicegerent of the Imam), and the term vakil'i nafs'i nafis'i humayun (vicegerent of the Imam in both his spiritual and temporal capacities) was used in Iran for the hujjat, or Pir. The word vakil means representative. Ordinarily, the office of the vakil was coined for a responsible person to represent the hujjat or Pir. The Imams appointed the vakils, but some times, the hujjat also appointed with the consent of the Imam.

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    Heritage Dictionary of Ismailism, entry #130

    Litt: Représentant. Titre accordé en Egypte pour la première fois â Yaqub ibn Killis en 979 A.D. par l'Imam al-Aziz*

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    Encyclopaedia of Ismailism by Mumtaz Ali Tajddin

    "The English word voluntar is borrowed from Latin, voluntary-ius or French, voluntaire means freely undertaken. It is a feeling arising or developing in the mind without external constraint having a purely spontaneous origin or character. Voluntary service refers to a work done with an intention of assisting others without expectation of its reward. Voluntary service is a universal concept and not confined to a specific culture, group or region. It is probably as old as mankind.

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