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Others :: View topic - Imam Sultan Mohammad Shah and famous magician Mohammad Chhel
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Imam Sultan Mohammad Shah and famous magician Mohammad Chhel

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 09, 2009 10:44 pm    Post subject: Imam Sultan Mohammad Shah and famous magician Mohammad Chhel Reply with quote

The time is 12 / 20 / 1893.

Place is Manjevdi, a small town on the banks of river Bhadar in the Valley of Mount Girnar, Gujarat, India.

Imam Shah Sultan Mohammad Shah then used to reside in INDIA and he used to meet the Jamat often. He used to have MELA Which is a religious retreat for about 7 to 15 days in small towns where Jamat would congregate in large numbers and have great celebrations, Imam's deedar and also have some rituals like mehmani and hat-milap (weddings) etc. done.

These were very joyous occasions . This mela was at Manjevadi and thousands of murids had gathered to see mowla Bapa.

Imam was camping in a special camp and murids in the colorful tents across the river banks.

There was a famous magician called Mohammad Chhel, in that time.

It is said that he was so great that if he would point a finger at a running train and make a sign he could dismantle the compartments of the running car and each piece would start running in different directions.

Also he would travel without a train ticket and if the ticker checker would ask him for the ticket, he could sweep his hand on the beard and produce any kind of ticket needed and in any number and for any location.

He would then ask the ticket checker to pick which ever he needed

This magician heard of the IMAM

He wondered who this Agakhan whom so many people believe is is.

He used to perform at the kings and governor's parties and received many Certificates and awards. So he decided to come to Mowla to impress him with his tricks.

Imam Sultan Mohammad Shah was in his teen age years. He was about 18 years old

The magician arrived at Mowla’s camp.

He was met by Varas Kassam Bapu and Kamadia Ibrahim. They asked him, what do you want brother?

I want to meet Aga sahib, replied Mohammad Chhel. I am the famous magician Mohammad Chhel, I can convert butter into gasoline and buffalo to cow.

In the mean time IMAM came outside. He was young and with luminous face and thin moustache and had great personality.

Magician recognized him and greeted him.

Mawla asked him what you want.

The magician replied with great pride, I do not want anything I have come here to show you my great tricks I am the world famous magician Mohammad Chill.

'That's alright, said mowla, I am a dervish I have nothing to do with these tricks and magic'.

Then he looked at Varas Kassam and asked him to give 200 rupees to the magician

'No, no I do not need money I have lot of money by god's grace' said Chhel.

Mowla smiled and said, 'so what else?'

'Saab, I want to show you my tricks', insisted the magician.

'I can show you such tricks that you would be very surprised and you might have never witnessed such marvels in you life'.

'I can blow off your entire camp with all the tents in a second and replace it with plain grounds” said the magician.

'Is that right?” Mawla showed surprise.

Yes sir, you will remember me forever.

Then magician went to praise him self some more.

The Imam was listening peace fully and when he finished, Mawla asked “any thing else?'

'No sir I am just waiting for your permission to perform', said the magician

Mawla was carrying a small hand cane (a small stick) for fun in his hand and He threw it on the floor and asked the magician to pick it up.

Before he would start his magic... 'What is the big deal about it? It is a child's play”, said the magician

'Then just give it to me, you can use 2 hands if you need.' Imam said.

Mohammad Chill started saying some mantras and prayers and blowing on the stick. He clapped several times and did multiple gestures to remotely move the stick.

When of no avail, Mawla said, 'Just pick it up with your hands'.

He tried with one hand, the stick did not move, so he used the second hand, but no effect, the stick could not be lifted. He panicked and used his entire body strength to pick up the stick

He was sweating and desperately struggling but stick was like glued to the ground. He was unable to pick up the stick

Mawla was smiling

'Sir, I m sorry, I apologize. It was my misfortune that I did not&nbs p; recognize your being'

'But when did I defy you?' said Mawla

The magician was embarrassed and started going away when Mawla called him back and said,' why are you leaving?'

In the mean time Mawla called a cook's child who was 6 to 7 years old playing in the front of the camp and Mawla called him and said to him, 'Child give me this stick.' The kid quickly picked up the stick and gave it to Mawla.

'Look it was indeed a child's play.'

Magician was really ashamed.

'Look, I am Imam, and nothing can occur without the will of the Imam in this world'. Mawla said softly.

The magician went away with a small face.
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Joined: 16 Apr 2009
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 12, 2009 6:04 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

thanks for sharing. reallly appreciate it
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Joined: 02 Nov 2003
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 13, 2009 1:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

very nice

thanks 4 sharing
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