On July 30th, 2005 H.H. The Aga Khan arrived in Mali and was asked at the airport the purpose of his visit by a journalist of the Mali television.

Translation of Interview by Mali Television

Q: You have come to Mali several times. What is your aim this time?

AK: As you know I am coming from Burkina and this trip is a trip so see our activities in West Africa, to assess the situation at a time when Africa is in the process of taking very very important global dimensions, so I have come to look and listen.

Q: You are investing a lot in the industries in Mali, are you satisfied of the operations here in Mali?

AK: You know, to say "in Mali" is not entirely accurate; the Aga Khan Network in Mali is involved in culture, in civil society, which will overtake the economical aspect. So it is the totality of means of development that we wish to bring to Mali.

Q: Thanks!

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