THE AGA KHAN MEETS THE PRESS AGA KHAN LAUDS PAKISTAN'S EFFORTS FOR PROGRESS. His Royal Highness The Aga Khan lauded the efforts of the people of Pakistan for achieving rapid development in all fields including industrial and agricultural sectors. Addressing a Press conference at the end of his five -week tour of Pakistan, at the residence of Vazir Amirali Fancy, he said that not only the development was continuing but there was a "clear consciousness about the areas where the developments is required most." He said that the climate of investment in Pakistan was satisfactory. The industrial Promotion Services of Pakistan Ltd. (IPS) of the Ismaili community would shortly draw an investment programme for the future as well as review the progress of the existing projects. Replying to a question, he said that the IPS had a number of projects both in East and West Pakistan and it was free to take up any new project in future. TOURISM His Royal Highness reiterated that Pakistan should develop its tourist industry, which he thought, would fetch 100 million dollars a year. He suggested that Pakistan should facilitate travel within the country and administrative Procedures should be minimum in respect of tourists. Besides, archaeological finds and other unique things should be developed to attract tourists from all over the world. MEDICAL COLLEGE Replying to another question, he said that the work on the planning and other aspects of a Medical College and Hospital to be set up in Karachi was in progress. He said that the Government of Pakistan was very helpful in this connection and had provided all the necessary information and facilities for the purposes. He was glad to see that a great deal of development had taken place in Pakistan as a result of which a lot of new industries were coming up and agricultural production had increased. His Royal Highness said that he and Princess Salimah were both "very happy indeed to hear from all sides that the Ismailis continue to fulfil their traditional role of good and loyal citizens of Pakistan.

Source Ismaili Mirror.

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