He was the hereditary spiritual leader of the Ismaili sect. He was born at Karachi and succeeded to the Imammate in 1885. He was a member of the imperial legislative council from 1902 to 1904. In 1903 he became the president of the reception committee of the All-India Muslim Education Conference and presided over its Delhi[Dehli] session in 1904. In a meeting with the Viceroy Lord Rippon in 1906 at Simla he, as the leader of the Muslim delegation, suggested a seperate electorate for Muslims.

From 1906 to 1912 he was the President of the All-India Muslim League. He also convened a Hindu-Muslim unity conference at Allahabad[U.P.]. In 1911 he raised three million rupees for the Aligarh Muslim University. In 1921 he was appointed the Vice Chancellor of this University[A.M.U.]. He was president of the All Parties Muslim Conference 1928-9.

In 1930-33, he was chairman of the British Indian delegation to the round table conferences. In 1932 he suggested a pact of minorities which facilitated the announcement of the communal award. He became a privy counciller in 1934. He represented India in the assembly of the League of Nations in 1932 and in 1934-37. He ws the first Asian to have been elected the president of the League of Nations in 1937. The Aga Khan died in Switzerland and was burried in Egypt.

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