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Pre-dynastic history

The Early Dynastic or Archaeic Period (3100-2686BC)

The Old Kingdom (2686-2181BC)

The First Intermediate Period (2181-2050BC)

The Middle Kingdom (2050-1786BC)

The Second Intermediate Period (1786-1567BC)

The New Kingdom (1567-1085BC)

The Late Period (1085-322BC)

Greek rule (332-30BC)

Roman & Byzantine rule (30BC-AD638)

The Early Islamic Period (640-969)

The Fatimid Period (969-1171)

Ayyubid rule (1171-1250)

The Mamluke Period (1250-1517)

Ottoman rule (1517-1798)

European conquest (1798-1802)

The Dynasty of Mohammed Ali Pasha (1802-1892)

British occupation (1882-1952)

Nasserist rule (1956-1970)

The rule of Sadat (1970-1981)

The rule of Mubarak (1981-present)

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